A Woman’s Heart

From Mother’s Day last year . . . hold in your heart those whose hearts ache.

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6 Comments on “A Woman’s Heart”

  1. Dear Blessed and Forgiven Wife ~. Thank you for such a sweet listing of prayer requests for tomorrow. :).
    I am not much of a computer person but do love and appreciate your blog. My husband is a Pastor and has found your blog as a reference for some of the women we counsel that may be ministered to by it.
    As he is not home right now, I thought I’d ask you about using your words. I wanted to paste and copy your listing for our church email prayer chain, which I administrate. I was going to send out a similar email but you have far exceeded what I would have said. We too were infertile and struggled on Mother’s Day for several years, yet The Lord had something else in mind for us! However, we do feel the pain for others on this day each year and as a church we do not make a huge deal over it and my husband will state some of your above mentioned statements as he honors Mothers.

    If I use your words do I have to reference your blog? I’m feeling as if I shouldn’t as there are single men and unmarried young adults that are part of the prayer team, but then again I don’t want to steal your words without your permission. I will certainly mention that they came from a marriage blog that I read.
    Please let me know what Internet protocol is in this matter, or what your wishes are. :). And thank you for sharing such sweet words with your readers, some of whom may have been completely unaware of what this holiday resents for so many others!

    May He continue to richly bless you and your family as you reach out to minister. 🙂

    Blessed in HIM,


    1. Thanks for all your lovely words, Wendi. My preference is that my blog be referenced. (I think unmarried folks wouldn’t be much interested in what I have to say, anyway.) However, since this is for your church’s internal purposes, if you feel it is best not to name the blog, then please use just my name: Chris Taylor, marriage blogger. The prayers are far more important than the credit.

      Bless you for your heart and caring.

  2. • Women who had children and now grieve the loss of the biological ability to be pregnant.

    I haven’t discussed this with my wife, but I would bet she has experienced this. Perhaps today we’ll talk about it. She’s had four, so child bearing and raising is a strong part of her identity and the loss of it may be something affecting her in ways I don’t see.

  3. This is the most difficult Mother’s Day I’ve experienced so far. I have four children with me and six in heaven, but am grieving my husband’s recent and very final decision to not have any more. I know he’s trying to protect me and our children. My pregnancies are difficult and the children we have need my care and attention. I love my beautiful children and am thankful for a husband who is willing to make the hard decisions for our family. BUT my heart is broken with the knowledge that I will never again feel the flutter of little feet under my heart, or meet a brand new precious life after working so hard to bring her into the world. My soul is grieving today.

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