How Can I Pray for You?


Tomorrow I’ll be spending six solid hours in the car as I drive to get my daughter from school. (Why did she have to choose a university so far away from home?)

I plan to use the drive time to pray for marriages. (Don’t worry. I’ll pay attention to my driving, too. Fortunately, it’s almost entirely interstate.)

If you have prayer requests for your marriage or for a specific thing you are working on in yourself as you heal your marriage, please let me know. Post in the comments so others can pray for you as well. Or, if you have a private prayer need, you can email me at

How can I pray for you in your marriage?

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My trip is over and I am safely home with my daughter. I’ve closed the comments on this post, but you are always welcome to email me with prayer requests. I had a good trip with God, praying for those who commented and emailed. My God bless your marriages.

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11 Comments on “How Can I Pray for You?”

  1. Chris – thank you for offering to pray for me and my marriage = B & J = for Jesus’ healing from years of gate-keeping, lack of respect and love all around – only He can heal our souls, bring back the love, and help us forgive one another. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers….I am praying for a Christmas miracle…

  2. I have been working on healing my 27 year marriage by breaking the bonds of refusal and gate keeping. It is hard. I mark step forward and then two steps back. I get discouraged but I keep picking myself up and going forward. I feel very weary because I am not seeing the progress I had hoped for. I feel discouraged because there is no quick fix. I asked for prayer for comfort and perseverance so that I will continue making changes to make my marriage better.

  3. Please pray for my marriage to more like God’s design. Our hearts need to be filled with kindness, understanding and compassion for each other.
    Thx, C&K

  4. Chris, thank you for the prayers for my bride and me. Just asking for prayers for a continuation that He will keep moving us both forward.
    I will be in prayer for your safe travel.
    God Bless you.

  5. Coming up on month 3 since my gate-keeping revelation, I’m still finding new things I’ve had to ask forgiveness for, but we are making wonderful progress. I actually told my husband this morning, “you made me FEEL sexy last night.” I wasn’t faking it. I felt secure and sensual and it was so wonderful I was almost embarrassed about it afterwards. Then i wasn’t. :)! I feel pretty good in my initiations, this tends to coincide with hormonal cycle, and really good lingerie worn all evening, and we’re successful in being, um, ‘successful’ in our encounters. Communication is great: sexual conversations without arguing or tears. Frequency is up as a whole. But I’m still struggling a bit with those VERY low drive days being responsive to him, which are the strongest gatekeeping flashback feelings so far. And he is still hesitant in asking because of our history and the difficulty he sees in me. I would appreciate prayers in that. Still can’t say how happy I am that the Lord led me to your blog. So.Very. Thankful.

  6. You are amazing Chris! Lovely blog, the way you share is so encouraging.
    Thank you for your prayers!
    Claire x

  7. Pray for Christ to be the center and focus. Not how I feel or what he isn’t doing. I have very very little desire, and need help to love this husband God gifted me with.
    Thank you!

  8. I would be grateful for prayer for my wife and I and our and her journey to a better relationship.

    And I will pray for you and your safe travels.


  9. Please pray that I can find the strength and the will to keep trying with my marriage. My wife and I both recognise that our marriage, as it is, is not what we want. We need direction in what to do to start to fix it. Safe journey.

  10. Praying for my wife, as she struggles with issues at her work that have left her feeling professionally unappreciated and unfulfilled, all of which are leading to feelings of depression. Pray for me to be supportive and kind and patient, and that she feel comfort.

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