Christmas Party


It's time for a Christmas party!

Life gets busy this time of year. If you’d like some encouragement from other wives, come join me for a party in the chatroom on Tuesday, December 15, at 8 pm central time.

We’ll hang out, encourage each other in working on our marriages during this busy season, and just enjoy having a break from it all.

This party is just for wives. And ladies, you’ll need to bring your own treats. 🙂


The party will be on Tuesday, December 15, at 8 pm central US time. We’ll probably go for about an hour to an hour and a half. (It’s okay if you can’t stay the whole time.)

To find your local time:

  1. Go to
  2. In the Location 1 box, scroll to United States and choose America/Chicago.
  3. Enter time as 20::00.
  4. Enter date as 2015-12-15.
  5. Use the Location 2 box to select your local time.
  6. Click on the Show button (it’s partly hidden in the screenshot below). You should see your local time on the next page.



Let me know that you’re coming by filling out this form. I’ll send you an email with access information.


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