Congratulations to Our Winners!

Congratulations to our winners!

Thank you for sharing about past Valentine’s Days on this post. I enjoyed reading such sweet memories you have with your husbands.

The Forgiven Wife giveaway: Alicia will receive a red feather boa, heart-shaped string lights, Trojan Arouses & Intensifies, temporary tattoos, body paint and brushes, and my favorite chocolate.

The Grand Prize: For her comment on The Forgiven Wife, Judith will be sent the following items, courtesy of Married Dance, a Christian store for marriage toys and romance products (affiliate links):

Winners have been contacted by email.

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Valentine’s Day is next weekend. If you’re looking for some ideas for the bedroom, take a look at some of the posts linked in Grow Your Sex Life in 2016. If you’ve asked your husband about  five sexual things he’d like you to do together, Valentine’s Day is a great time to offer one of the things on the list. (And if you haven’t asked him for a list yet, there’s still time!)

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