Live Chat?

Are you interested in a live chat related to marriage or sexual intimacy?

So there I was this morning, thinking about how fun it would be to meet some of the women who read The Forgiven Wife. I even thought about trying to have some meet-ups within driving distance of my home.

Then I realized that although it would be a blast for me to meet some readers, it might not do a whole lot in the way of ministry. After all, we ll know it isn’t so easy to talk about sexual intimacy face-to-face with total strangers, right?

As I was pondering the possibility of trying to do some kind of online meet-up, I received a message on my Facebook page:

Do you ever do something like an online chat time with women who have questions?

God’s funny that way, isn’t he?

I’m going to spend some time praying and thinking about whether some kind of live chat options would be a helpful addition to the ministry that happens here.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d ask you all what you think.

I’ve put together a short (only three questions) survey.  Ladies only, please.

Click here to take the survey.



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