Her Orgasm: Survey for the Guys

Guys, help me out. Why does her orgasm matter to you?
In the comment section of Have You Waited Too Long?, the question arose of why a wife’s orgasm means so much to her husband.

Guys, could you help me out here? I’d like to write a post about this, but I’d like your input so I don’t have to guess.

The survey is exactly one question:

What does it mean to you when your wife has an orgasm during sexual activity with you?

You can find the survey HERE.


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4 Comments on “Her Orgasm: Survey for the Guys”

    1. I will not be sharing the responses directly. Because there is only one question and it requires a textual response rather than simple checkboxes, the only thing to see is what men have written. Several men included information that might identify them to their wives. Out of respect for their privacy, I will not be releasing the comments that were submitted.

      However, I will be writing a post about the results. I may quote some comments if I can do so carefully, without violating anyone’s privacy. In general, though, I will be writing about some patterns that I have seen emerge in the responses.

  1. Yeah, I am curious if there was some consensus among the men. Also how a woman or women interpret or respond to the men’s thoughts.

    If you got a lot of responses, you have a lot of work to wade through and correlate and digest to distill into a coherent blog article.

    Looking forward to it!

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