Powerful Prayer

I’ve had a couple mightily powerful prayer experiences recently. I’ve seen evidence of God having worked on something at the exact time I was praying about it. These experiences have made me shaken and breathless.

They have reminded me in a punch-to-the-gut kind of way of the power of prayer.

When things aren’t going great in your marriage, what kind of support do you seek? It’s easy to talk to girlfriends, family members, the woman behind you in the checkout lane at the grocery store, and even strangers on the internet. But are you talking to God?

Seek God as you work through reforming your marriage. God is big enough to handle your fears and frustrations. Pray, not for your spouse to change, but for your own heart to open and grow. Pray for you to be a better wife, not for the man you married to be a better husband. Pray for your sexual relationship to grow and heal.

Unload your sorrow and anxiety to God. Let yourself feel His loving arms wrapped around you. Feel Him hold you as you weep. If your marriage is unhappy and you are starting to see that your sexual control is a piece of that, go to God.

Open your heart to talk to God–and be sure you stop talking long enough to hear what He is trying to say.

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