Praying for Wives

Let's pray for wives.

On Friday, I will be spending some time in prayer for wives. How is God’s healing touch needed in your heart and in your marriage?

If you have a specific prayer need, post in the comments so others can know your need and pray for you as well. (If you prefer privacy, you can email me at

How can I pray for you?

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16 Comments on “Praying for Wives”

  1. For my marriage: for lines of communication to open up and a willingness to speak and listen.
    For myself: to get out of my own way so I can draw closer to Christ and know His will for my life.

  2. For my husband and I to learn to lean on each other rather than lash out when the stress of finances becomes too much.

  3. Please pray that my husband would not resent me for wanting to obey God in our marriage and sex life, but instead embrace purity and love that God desires for us, and that my husband would grow in love for God.

  4. Today my husband is making the decision as to whether to or not stay and work on our marriage or to contact a lawyer and start the dissolution of our marriage. I love him very much, but things need to change. Please give me peace to whatever decision he makes, and let it be God’s will.

  5. My largest prayer need right now doesn’t pertain to my marriage (even though it needs plenty of prayer as well) so I hope it’s still okay to post; if not feel free to delete it. My most immediate need for prayer is for my son. He is in the Air Force and is leaving for Afghanistan on April 11th (this is his first deployment). I could use some prayers for strength and encouragement to get through it as well. I am trying my best to stay strong but I have my moments. One was this past weekend when he brought his will and power of attorney to me (something each of our military members has to do before deploying into combat). I’ve known he was leaving and of course I know the danger he will be in but that just brought the reality of it all front and center. Ugh…however, I couldn’t be more proud of him. I will definitely lift the previous posters up in prayer.

    1. Hi Rebecca, Just thought I’d mention there are some support groups for military moms on Facebook too that might be nice to connect you with other moms with kids in the service. My friend from bible study is in one and they’re pretty supportive. I’ll pray for your sons safety and for peace for you.

  6. Pray that God continues to change me.

    My wife does not see the changes I have made. Pray that I will grow into the Man that God wants me to be and not the person my wife thinks I should be.

    Pray that our eyes will be open to God’s design for marriage and not the worlds.

  7. Pray for physical healing for both of us. My incontinence and his rash make sex difficult. We get together sexually almost every day, but our doctors need wisdom, and we need to be diligent in following through with meds and suggestions.

  8. Please pray for my marriage. My husband says that he is done and there is no chance of reconciliation. Please pray for a spirit of forgiveness, grace, mercy, and hope for my marriage and children

  9. I can’t seem to stop looking back at all the times and ways my husband has hurt me and damaged our marriage. I know waiting for him to see what he did is futile but we are both definitely reaping what was sown. I want to truly forgive and forget and build anew. He is very defensive and in his speaking to me, pegs me as never will change. Not true. We both need our hearts healed and to communicate well. Also emotional sexual dysfunction.

  10. Please pray that I could learn to love sex. I don’t hate it but neither do I love it and this is a huge part of our marriage trouble. I have huge walls built up around myself and it is hard to take them down to let my husband in (but I’m working on it.)

  11. Please pray for my son and daughter in law, who are going through hard times in their marriage. They are both good people, but are no longer in love with each other, and with two children, my son has a hardened heart, and is ready to file for divorce. My daughter in law insists that she wants the marriage, and that she loves my son. She is a good wife and mother, and he is a good husband and son, and their two small children would be greatly affected if their parents get a divorce, and he is in the military. It’s very hard not to say anything, because my husband feels that we should let them make their own decision.

    On another note, please pray that my husband and I can rekindle our intimacy after 25 years of marriage. We have been through a lot, and have come to the brink of divorce several times, but with the grace of God, have hung in there. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a couple of years ago, and it’s taking its toll on the marriage and family relationships.

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