Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, and it’s a perfect time to be thinking about how you and your husband can celebrate together.

Lori (The Generous Wife), Bonny (OysterBed7), and I want to give you a little boost. We are doing Valentine’s Day giveaways on our blogs. Each of us has our own giveaway. You can enter Lori’s here and Bonny’s here.

3 Valentine's Day Giveaways!

Here’s what I’m giving away—all things to help spice up your bedroom just a bit:
Valentine's Day Giveaway!

  • A red feather boa (because one size really does fit all!)
  • Heart-shaped string lights for your bedroom (just a little bit of light)
  • Trojan Arouses & Intensifies (affiliate link) to add a little pizzazz to sexual sensations
  • Temporary tattoos (because it can be fun to decorate each other or decorate yourself as a surprise)
  • Body paint and paint brushes (in case you want to draw a treasure map for your man)
  • Dove Dark Chocolate (affiliate link), just because I really like it and want to share!


Everyone who enters our individual giveaways will also be eligible for our grand prize. We have some awesome items for you from Married Dance, a Christian store for marriage toys and romance products (affiliate links below):

Valentine's Day Grand Prize

Are you ready to enter? It’s easy! Just leave a comment on this post sharing a special Valentine’s Day memory with your husband.

The contest closes on Friday, February 5.   The contest is now closed.

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68 Comments on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway!”

  1. My husband and I have been married less then there years but our very first year together we both bought the other two Valentine Cards, one serious and one silly. I had never bought someone two cards like that, then to find out he did the same, it was just another clue we were meant to be together. We both came together scarred, bruised and weary of relationships, but God brought us together and through Him we made it and will continue to do so.

  2. I remember when me and my husband and i first got together he bought me a beautiful heart neclace. It meant so much to me because no one had ever bought me anything for valentines ever! I have worn it every day since.

  3. One of my favorite Valentine memories was a simple dinner. We hesitated to go out on Valentine’s Day because we knew all the restaurants would be very busy. Then my husband suggested we try an Indian place he had been to for lunch. There were only three other couples in the restaurant! We enjoyed our nice quiet dinner and revelled in our Valentine victory!

  4. My husband and I have spent 24 Valentine’s together. They have all been special because we’re continually working on our marriage and blessed to be together!

  5. My husband and I are in our second marriage. Together we have 6 children, we started 15 years ago celebrating Valentines at home to save on money. Don’t we all go thru it?? LOL We found we had a better conversation, food and atmosphere. We didn’t have to rush and our children get to see God’s love at work in us. It means the world to us for our children to see a stable awesome marriage that we share.

  6. I surprised him with a dinner at a nice restaurant! I was given a gift card and didn’t tell him until then. It was great and fun!

  7. My favorite Valentine’s Day was 3 years ago. We went to Olive Garden for the first time (it was the nicest place we had ever been to that wasn’t fast food). The atmosphere was romantic, the food was amazing and we just really loved our evening out. When we went to get our oldest from the babysitter, we were told that she could stay the night! So we had the house to ourselves and we took advantage of it, lol!

  8. Our very first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, my husband surprised me by making dinner. It was hamurger helper and peas. We were so broke, and I was still in university, but it’s one of my fondest Valentine’s Day memories.

  9. We spent valentines at home last year….we did a big dinner then put the baby down and spent the whole evening together. It was a wonderful purposeful time that I loved!

  10. Last year was our first Valentine’s but we weren’t married yet; we had dated long-distance for 6 months after reuniting after 35 years of not seeing each other. He was the boy next door when I was a young teen! God brought us together miraculously! I’d need to write a book to explain how amazing it is. This year will be our first Valentine’s as a married couple!

  11. My husband and I were high school sweethearts. We’ve really cut Valentine’s day down to going out to eat (with the kids) a day or two after Valentine’s since having babies (both of us are happy to spend our holiday this way. .. not a jab at wanting more “romance”. ) But there are some nostalgic memories of going to dinner and a movie and getting unnecessary gifts like teddy bears and roses. I’m not a fan of cut flowers or wasting money on things like that now but when we were young and didn’t have bills or have to worry about clutter with random novelties. But, my husband spoils me year round with attention and anything I ask for so I guess that’s my favorite, now.

  12. Since my love language happens to be quality time I enjoy it most when we sit on our porch together with our coffee and talk about anything and everything. Without children interrupting us of course.

  13. My favorite memory would have to be our first Valentines Day dinner as a married couple. I bought this majorly oversized balloon that looked like a lightbulb and it said ” You turn me on!” lol, but I burnt the steak and cried and he laughed cause I set the smoke alarm off, but I eventually got over that and “ENJOYED” the rest of the evening.

  14. We have always cooked a nice dinner at home and I make a special dessert. Our anniversary is the end of January and it always seems our budget is low around those two months.

  15. One year my husband surprised me with a dozen roses, a binder full of memories that we have had over the years, chocolate, candels, and a romantic evening. I love that memory of ours!

  16. A fun Valentine’s Day memory for me was 20 years ago. I surprised my husband with a motel for the night and ordered in room service, which we never do because of the expense.

  17. Our very first Valentine’s Day (dating years) I “heart attacked” his room, which meant I put foam hearts everywhere and then we went and saw Valentine’s Day and came out of the theatre to snow ❄️

  18. Our first Valentine’s dating, he made me a delicious meal of General Tso’s chicken from scratch! He dressed up, cooked, cleaned and got me flowers:)

  19. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day and THIS valentine’s will be special because we are celebrating 2 weekends! One before my birthday we are renting a cabin up north and taking our daughter with us so she can sleep in a bunk bed (longtime wish) and sled. We have a fireplace and games and books to read! Then we are spending the next weekend at an Amish Hotel with a swimming pool and tourist stuff! It will be wonderful! To celebrate turning 50 and being alive! I’ve had breast cancer, got pregnant after, then landed in hospital with low-grade fever and went into a coma. Had AML(acute myelogenous leukemia) from the breast cancer treatment, lost baby, had to learn to walk and write my name again, and they found ONE person out of 4.8 million people that matched me! Praise God! He is so good!! He has been by my side my whole life, and now he’s restoring the years the locusts have eaten. My daughter, adopted from Vietnam, is a true treasure to us.

  20. Our most memorable Valentine’s Day was also the funniest. We’d been married probably about 15 years when my husband came home with my gift in a bag from Walgreens. He’d purchased all kinds of oral hygiene items. I thought he was trying to tell me I had bad breath. He swears that was not the case, but good dental hygiene is really important, LOL. Needless to say he’s never lived that down, but now I can generally count on something much more romantic. I’m so glad he did that because we always have that to make us smile no matter what else is happening (or not, I work 2p-2a this year).

  21. My husband picked up a nice meal for us. I had a romantic table setting waiting for him at home–china, crystal, floating candles, soft strings of lights, and music playing softly in the background. All of the romance with none of the hard work or crowds of people.

  22. Our first valentine’s day as a married couple, we went away for the weekend, and just enjoyed our time alone. Between the two of us, we have 6 kids, so those times alone were few and far between!!

  23. Last year my husband got both my daughter and I flowers and a card for valentines day. It was a very special moment for us both. I love that guy.

  24. My love language is words so I cherish special cards that my husband’s written to me throughout our 21 years of marriage. He is not a writer so it’s a special treat to receive a paragraph of loving words that he has painstakingly written inside a greeting card. It’s truly a sacrifice for him to do this and it means so much 🙂

    1. that is so neat!! My first language is words as well, and i don’t think my husband realizes that it means so much to my heart when he write me letters. It kinda makes it less romantic when i tell him to do so… he used to do it the first few months we were married and then stopped.

  25. One Valentine’s Day my hubby gave me a eternity rose. It’s a rose that has a glass globe around it. I have it in the middle of our headboard/bookcase.

  26. Before we were married, when we were dating, I had to work on Valentine’s Day. My husband gave me a package of Valentine’s Cards with a time to open them on each one. There was one for each hour that I had to be at work.

  27. I was always the kid in school who never got anything for Valentine’s Day. I was the girl who never dated. I met my husband my senior year. We dated 4 weeks, got engaged, then married 5 mon later. My special Valentine’s memory was our 1st one together. He picked me up from work with some roses and a romantic card. Then to an awesome dinner at nice restaurant in our town. That day my heart was full. He was everything I had ever wanted and that night was even more special to me because I shared my “first” Valentine’s day with him. Here we are 15 years later. There has been a lot of forgiveness to be had and I am just so thankful we are still together!

  28. Last year on Valentine’s Day was pretty special. I had purchased a belly dance outfit loaded with dangling coins. I had to make my own top though. It took several months to learn to belly dance for my husband. I picked out a song that was just under 3 minutes but it still exhausted me. I gave him an invite in the morning that said, “Join me at midnight at the oasis”. I played the middle eastern song then played Midnight at the Oasis over and over. I am sure that my husband will never listen to that song the same again. 🙂

  29. A good Valentine memory is when he surprised me with flowers during the day with a note saying be had changed his work schedule and wouldn’t be working that night after all and would be waiting at home after I got off work to take me to dinner at my favorite place. He had made reservations and arranged a baby sitter days before. The surprise and thoughtfulness of it all made it so special.

  30. When we were engaged and still in college, I made a “bouquet” of chocolate covered heart shaped Rice Krispie treats for him and he took me to the Bodies Exhibit (I’m a nurse). I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but it was touching that he thought of something that interests me! We ate at a cheap, iconic place in Atlanta after. Not expensive and fancy, but so fun- one of my favorite qualities of his!

  31. One of two memories stand out: when in the midst of blizzard-like conditions, hubby had me dress up, get the children together and drive to hometown, drop children off at the grandparents, and eat at the “Top of the Five Seasons” for a romantic dinner for two… as we did when we were dating and he had ample funds.
    The second one was years later, I had fed the children and cleaned up kitchen, then did a “re-set” with best china, carbonated grape juice and candle light. Made stir-fry and while we dined in only candle lighting our daughters donned their “twirly dresses” and were our dancing entertainment!

  32. Several years back we were lucky enough to get Valentine’s day reservations at a really nice restaurant in Washington, DC. During dinner, we started noticing lots of additional security and bodyguards around the restaurant. Turns out the POTUS and First Lady were eating there as well! We didn’t get to speak to them, but it was so cool to “share” the evening in the same place!

  33. Roses and an exhausted hubby who came home at 10pm after work and deep cleaned my kitchen. Seriously what a man!! I woke up the next day so surprised!!!!

  34. Our first valentines day together after I got saved, he wrote Proverbs 31 about the excellent wife. He framed it and it sits on my night table. God is good.

  35. last year was a good valentines day because even though it doesnt seem like much, my husband brought home flowers and chocolates even though we agreed not to do anything since we were low on money..he scrounged up enough change .

  36. My husband surprised me with a teddy bear, diamond earrings and a sweet card. It was waiting on me to get home from working out after he had already left for the day.

  37. Every Valentine’s Day that we’re together is a special memory for me. Reason being we overcame so many obstacles early on in our marriage to be where we are. By practical standards and most would say we shouldn’t even be together as the odds were definitely against us. It’s only by the grace of God that we are so I cherish each and every day that we’re together.

  38. I’m not married yet but my favorite memory with my guy is last year when he surprised me with TONS of my absolute favorite chocolates and the cutest little plushie a girl could ask for. <3

  39. Our first Valentine’s Day we were broke and university students so my husband used the media lab to make me a card. It was so sweet that I did not notice that he had spelled Valentine wrong. I hung it on the wall and several days later a friend pointed it out to us. We got a good laugh and I still have the card 28 years later!

  40. Our first valentines day together was our second date, he had bought me a small cute teddy bear and cup with candy in it. The second favorite is the year he bought me tulips for valentines day. My favorite flower!!!!

  41. Our first Valentine’s Day together he got me a stuffed bear and personalized M&Ms (my FAV candy!) and I took him to the Louisville Slugger Museum (he’s a huge bball fan!). Both simple, but meaningful gifts that we both appreciated. 🙂

  42. A favorite Valentine’s treat of ours is to enjoy steamed shrimp here in our cozy nest…love to spend time together anytime!! Thanks for your generous giveaway!!

  43. Our Valentine’s Day is a reminder every year of Christ’s love for us and his favor on us as a couple and as a family. We started our family very young and have 4 boys, so going out isn’t always an option. My favorite Valentine’s Day memories are our “in home” dates after the kids either go to bed or have “quiet time” before bed.

  44. So… it’s our first year married, but i remember 4 years ago, our first dating valentines day was very special. We were in a LD relationship, and i don’t think it was on the actual day, but around valentines day, we took a long walk on a nature path by my parents house where I was living. We then stopped at a waterfall and just sat there looking at the water for a few minutes. It was so cold, but we didn’t really notice or care, because we felt so in love. And then he pulled out a box with a little necklace with a sea shell on the end of it… he had made a necklace out of one of the shells that we found the day that we became boyfriend and girlfriend a month earlier! The funny thing, (we seriously always tend to be on the same page in good and bad ways- it’s scary)… i also made him a gift with the shells we found on that special date when we looked into each other’s eyes and felt like soul mates… I made him a special picture frame. He wondered where the rest of the shells had gone and i had snatched them up! It was a very special memory to share the day and our special gifts. We are already less romantic. I haven’t planned anything, and i don’t think he has either. It’s been a challenging year… this has inspired me to go out of my way to plan a special date and gift for the man who I love (even when love is not a feeling but a choice, as we’ve been learning) 🙂

  45. One of my favorite Valentine memory would have to be Valentine’s Day 2014, where my husband had left a Valentine’s Day surprise for me in every room of the house. So through out the day, I came across either a card, or bag of chocolates or a trinket. Best day ever!!

  46. Every year we have a quiet dinner at home, away from the busyness of restaurants. We focus on each other, have favorite foods, turn off distractions (phones/laptops). We try to be intentional with our time. We end the night with massages….so relaxing.

  47. My husband and I got married 3 years ago 2 days after Valentine’s Day! We got married at a vineyard in the Hill Country. We made a promise that we would go there every year to celebrate! My new favorite holiday!

  48. A special Valentine’s Day was 10 years ago on my 40th birthday when my husband surprised me by having my bone marrow donor (that saved my life!) come out to visit! We went out to dinner, then came home and as I walked in the door-“Happy Birthday Diane!” was shouted. I could not. believe. it. Amazing!! My mom was in Michigan from Tennessee, my mother-in-law was there, my best friend, her mom, daughter, brother-in-laws (2), and hubs! What a great memory!! Makes me smile EVERY time I think about that special birthday,….

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