Valentine’s Giveaway Starts Next Week!

It’s fun to celebrate love, and we’d like to help you out with that.

Lori (The Generous Wife), Bonny (Bonny’s OysterBed7), and I are teaming up to do another Valentine’s Day giveaway this year.

We’ll announce our individual gift baskets next week when the contest opens. Everyone who participates will be entered into our grand prize drawing.


Valentine's Day Grand Prize

The grand prize winner will receive some totally awesome items from Married Dance, a Christian store for marriage toys and romance products  (affiliate links below):

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

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5 Comments on “Valentine’s Giveaway Starts Next Week!”

  1. In years past, I’ve done “14 days of Love” with things like a candy bar a day themed with a note; a jar of candies for his desk with hugs and kisses and a note a day telling him what I love about him and a couple “pleasure” coupons for foot/back rubs. This years will be “getting to know you deeper” with a few pleasure coupons. Getting to know you deeper questions will be things he can ponder during his day, (me too) and we can share our responses during dinner. Things like: Where do you see us living in 20 years and why? What do you need most from me and why? So not all crazy intense, some light too…I hope =)

  2. We normally go out to eat and movie for Valentine’s Day but I would really like to do something more special this year. I’m thinking getting a hotel room for the night would be nice. We have 4 children 6 and under so it’s hard to get away unless things are planned really well. I need to get on it!

  3. I don’t really care what we do as long as we are together. He is a truck driver so many times he leaves out on Sundays if he is we will just make the most of it on Saturday and have a little fun Sunday morning!! 😉

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