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It’s time for a Loveliness of Links from last month!

Just like a loveliness of ladybugs all working can help cultivate a healthy garden, a loveliness of blog posts can help you cultivate a healthy—and intimate—marriage.

Enjoy these great posts from November!

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  2. 12 Things a Wife Should Do for Her Husband, Ashley Willis
  3. 4 Things to Say To Solve a Conflict, Nina Roesner
  4. 5 Things That You Should Stop Waiting For In Your Marriage, Ashley Willis
  5. 75 Ways to Love Your Life and Enjoy Your Marriage this Christmas – Free Ebook, Calm.Healthy.Sexy.
  6. Boredom in the Bedroom? The Generous Wife
  7. Does Sex Matter in a Marriage? Intimacy in Marriage
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  9. His Emotional Needs Are Wrapped Up In Sexual Intimacy with You, Bonny’s OysterBed7
  10. How One Woman Found Healing From Painful Sex…, Unveiled Wife
  11. Q&A with J: Surviving Childhood Rape & Building Sexual Intimacy, Hot, Holy & Humorous
  12. Sowing and Reaping, The Generous Wife
  13. Stop the Marriage Death Spiral, The Generous Wife
  14. The Only Way to Defeat Sexual Shame, To Love, Honor & Vacuum
  15. Themes of Injury, The Generous Wife
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  17. Understanding our Differences, Awaken-Love
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  19. When Emotional Pain Drives You to Mental Murder, Bonny’s OysterBed7
  20. Where Did My Sex Drive Go? To Love, Honor & Vacuum

Does your husband abuse you?

Most of the time I write to women who are married to husbands who are generally good-willed men and are not in on-going unrepentant sin.

Today is different. Today I write to women who suffer because their husbands physically, emotionally, sexually, or spiritually abuse them. Read More →

I thank God for so much in my life. As I’ve  been juggling so much today (setting up the dining room table, peeling potatoes, coordinating the crockpots, roaster, and oven so our food is all ready at the same time, and refereeing a family political discussion),  I have been so grateful for  food, for family, and mostly for my husband. He made a last-minute trip to the store for butter and has managed the last bit of cleaning. He comes and hugs me to remind me that I am loved and that even in my ponytail and messed-up apron, he finds me beautiful.

What are you thankful for today?

Is this a season of joy or a season of stress for you?

I used to dread this time of year.

Like many other women, I was busy, busy, busy. I had shopping, kids’ concerts, class parties, baking, extra church activities, decorating, and work-related holiday events for both my husband and me. Plus, it was a crunch time at my job. Much of this was outside my control, although some of it I placed on my own shoulders in my efforts to “do Christmas right.”

People would mention Christmas joy and I rolled my eyes. Who has time for joy? I would think. I can barely remember what it was like for Christmas to feel merry. Read More →


Take a step toward confession and repentance.

Note: If your husband is in unrepentant and on-going sin against you, if you are in an intentional season of healing that requires you to be able to say no to sex, or if you are experiencing medical issues that interfere with sexual intimacy, this post is not for you.

For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me. Psalm 51:3

I’ve said before that when it comes to sexual intimacy, it isn’t always wrong to say no—but it IS wrong to always say no.

Sex is an important part of God’s design for marriage. Sex provides us a unique—and totally awesome—pleasure. It helps us develop intimacy and oneness with each other. It provides a means of connection unlike any other. When sexual intimacy is lacking in our marriages, we miss out on one of God’s most amazing gifts to us. Read More →

Politics, Disagreement, and Relationship Damage

I didn’t expect to write about politics or the election here. After all, I write about marriage.

My heart has been heavy as I’ve watched people’s reactions to this week’s election. Disagreement is damaging relationships—and relationship damage has a whole lot to do with marriage.

So I’m going there, into the arena of politics. Sort of. Read More →

Weary with the Sorrow of Loneliness

From middle school into adulthood, my best friends and I grew from girlhood into womanhood together.

In high school, my friends always seemed to have dates—or at least guys who were interested in them. Me? Not so much. I jealously looked on from the sidelines, wondering if I would ever find a guy who liked me. I worried that I would spend my life alone and lonely. Read More →

A lovely loveliness of links from October

It’s time for a Loveliness of Links from last month!

Just as a loveliness of ladybugs all working together can help cultivate a healthy garden, a loveliness of blog posts can help you cultivate a healthy—and intimate—marriage. Read More →

Are you waiting for a miracle in your marriage?

In my living room stands a concrete goose. She used to sit on my husband’s grandmother’s porch, dressed for every holiday and every season. When Grandma passed away, we inherited her goose—and three boxes of outfits.

One of these outfits has been on her goose recently: an old and faded Cubs t-shirt. It is a legacy of love from Grandma and hope that maybe this year, finally, would be our year. Read More →

Body image got you down?

Body image is a common struggle for women.

We think we are too much or not enough. Too tall or too short. Too curvy or not curvy enough. Breasts that are too small, too saggy, too uneven. Hair that is too straight or too curly, too shiny or not enough shine. Big feet. Small feet. Too sturdy or too frail. Too fat, or not meaty enough.

Many of us have faced self-consciousness about some aspect of our bodies, whether it is due to a lack or an abundance. Read More →

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