Valentine’s Day

Looking for a little help in making your Valentine’s Day extra special?

I’m excited to team up with some of my favorite bloggers for a Valentine’s Day giveaway. Next Monday, you’ll be able to see what we’re each giving away on our own blogs to help pump up the romance for your Valentine’s Day.

In addition to our individual giveaways, we’re going to have a grand prize, too! Someone will win some wonderful items from Married Dance, a Christian friendly sex toy store (Foreplay in a Row game, Emotion Lotion  warming lotion, and a LAmour bullet vibrator).

Valentine's Day Giveaway!Check back on Monday next week to find out how to enter the giveaways—and be sure you’re thinking about how to make Valentine’s Day extra loving for you and your husband!

Love, Respect, Trust: Action Words in Marriage

Do you wait until your husband deserves your feelings to give him what he needs?

As an emotionally aware woman (okay, maybe hyper-aware is a more apt description), I have often thought about how I was supposed to feel about my husband.

I was supposed to love him, respect him, and trust him.

When I didn’t feel these things, I thought it was a sign that something was wrong with our marriage. More to the point, I thought something was wrong with my husband. Continue reading Love, Respect, Trust: Action Words in Marriage

Do You Live with Emotional Clutter?

Are you ready to free yourself of your emotional clutter?

We are getting ready to move, and it’s easy for me to feel overwhelmed. We’ve lived in this house for fourteen years, and I find it really hard to get rid of things. I have way too much stuff—some of it stuff I’m sentimentally attached to and other things that I hang onto “just in case.”

Although I’ve gone through bits and pieces of piles and boxes, I haven’t done been consistent about it (despite the good intentions I had when I wrote this post). I’m not a hoarder—but I can definitely understand how the hoarding habit develops. I do try to keep things contained, but when you have too much stuff, it seems to ooze out. Continue reading Do You Live with Emotional Clutter?

A Shaded View of Romance

Is reading romance novels good for your heart--and marriage?

I’ve been a lifelong reader. I love the story that taps into my imagination and makes me think new thoughts. I love trying to figure things out before the author reveals what has happened.

However, not all my reading has been good for my heart. In this post, I wrote about my relationship with romance novels. As I’ve been going through some boxes and shelves in preparation for a move, I’ve come face-to-face with tangible reminders of all the time and money I’ve put into reading these books—and with the ways my heart and marriage were shaped by my reading. Continue reading A Shaded View of Romance


Do you and your husband feel stifled in your marriage?

As a child, I watched All in the Family with my parents. Of all the things that Archie Bunker said and did, the thing that bothered me most was when he would say, “Stifle it, Edith.”

Every time I heard Archie tell Edith to stifle, I tensed up, thinking how mean that was that he wouldn’t let his wife talk.

Although I like to think I’m fairly organized in my verbal communication, the reality is that in my personal life, I tend to meander through a story—partly because it helps me process what happened and partly to invite the listener in to the experience with me.

I tell stories like Edith Bunker does. Continue reading “Stifle”

When a Wife Won’t Have Sex: What Does the Bible Say?

The Bible lays out paths of healing and restoration.

Yesterday, I wrote about a Mark Gungor Show podcast that addressed a husband’s query about what to do about a wife who won’t have sex with him. I responded to some of the points made on the show. Today, I’d like to build on that to discuss several possible Biblical responses to this situation . You might want to read yesterday’s post before reading this one.

I am a strong advocate for understanding what has led to a wife not having sex with her husband, because I believe the knowledge can lay out a path of healing and restoration to pursue. The Bible shows us multiple paths to try. Continue reading When a Wife Won’t Have Sex: What Does the Bible Say?

When a Wife Won’t Have Sex: He Said, She Said

How do you think a husband should respond when his wife won't have sex with him?

The Mark Gungor Show recently had a podcast that addressed how a husband should deal with a wife who won’t have sex with him. (You can find the podcast here; the bit I’m describing begins at around the 15-minute mark.)

As a wife who used to refuse to have much of a sexual relationship with her husband, I was curious about what the show would have to say. Continue reading When a Wife Won’t Have Sex: He Said, She Said

Of Strawberries, Fish, and Olives: A Matter of Preference

A varied sexual menu is a win-win situation.

Many times, I hear women say that they prefer to have sex in a particular way or that they have a preference for one position over the other.

Sometimes, it really is just a preference, where you like it one way more than another way. Other times, though, the word “preference” is code for “I don’t want to even try it.”

When you say you have a preference for sex in a certain way, what does that really mean? Have you worked to learn to tolerate it? Have you given it a real chance to become something you enjoy? Continue reading Of Strawberries, Fish, and Olives: A Matter of Preference

2014 in Review



A look back at 2014. 2015 is right around the corner!

I looked at the calendar and realized that next year comes this week. Ack! Where did the time go?

2014 has been a year of growing where I’m planted more than moving forward. In both blogging and life, I’ve spent time looking inward at what is and is not working, praying for direction, standing firm in the face of challenge, and listening to God as He uses what I am doing to draw me closer to Him. Continue reading 2014 in Review

Learning to Dance with Desire

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