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Do you have questions? Suggestions? Marriage-related prayer needs that you don’t want to mention in the comments section of a post?

Feel free to email me at I respond to emails, although sometimes it may take me a while. (Emails from men may be shared with my husband.) I have a big heart, but I am not a counselor, doctor, Biblical scholar, or pastor. I am a woman, with a heart that calls to the lives of other women. Please seek professional support if you are in need.

I’m in a couple other spots as well.

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  • Pinterest (confession: I am still so new to Pinterest that I have no idea what I’m doing there. But I do have a space with a marriage board for now.)
  • Godinterest
  • Heart Craving (collaborative Facebook page with Pearl’s OysterBed, Forgiven Wife’s sister blog)

Feel free to use this contact form if you like:

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