Praying for Marriages

How can we pray for your marriage?

Tomorrow (November 9) will be a day of prayer for me. One of the things I intend to pray about is marriage. I would love for you to join me, even if only for a few minutes.

If you have a specific struggle in your marriage that could use some prayer, you are invited to comment on this post with your prayer request. (Or, if it’s too private to share in a comment, you can email me at

Also, share ways that we can pray in gratitude for you. If you have taken any steps toward healing, that is worthy of prayer as well.

I encourage you to take a few moments to pray for the requests shared here. It is one of the wonderful ways women can support each other.

Note for husbands: Your prayer requests are welcome here. However, they will be heavily moderated in order to not overwhelm wives in volume or content. Even if your prayer request is not approved or if it is edited, know that I will be praying about your request anyway. (See my Guidelines page for more information.)

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11 Comments on “Praying for Marriages”

  1. Needing prayers to help my husband see the changed I’ve made for our marriage to accept I’m on his side and not against him to accept the love I give to him.

  2. My husband and I are currently separated, and I would do anything to save our marriage. I could use all the prayers I can get…

  3. My husband and I are currently separated due to his infidelity. I found this blog in 2013 when we were going through the same thing. I allowed him back in April 2014 BEFORE I truly let go so God could work on him. I have tried to fix him and do it all myself. My husband is a believer but is far from God. We have four children, all boys. Two are teens and very resentful. I also have a 5 and 8 year old who are just confused and hurting. Our family needs a miracle. I am in counseling and doing all I know to do. The biggest challenge is just letting go. My husband has agreed we could go to counseling though he is not very positive about it. He seems to be unsure about what he really wants. I was not perfect, but I was faithful. I have learned a lot. His drinking is also an issue for us. I am praying for God to do whatever it takes to get his attention.

  4. I have a few things for which prayer would be appreciated:
    ~ that I can overcome the frequent feeling of wanting to give up.
    ~ that I can forgive someone who’s actions have left significant impact on my life, especially with intimacy.

  5. I have been active in the last post on Giving Up regarding a boundary in my marriage.

    I pray for God to move in my marriage; for clarity, patience, hope, kindness, gentleness, fairness, grace, acceptance, and unconditional love in my home. I pray to be able to let go and let God handle all my affairs and my husbands. Below is something I read today…

    Letting go is…choosing to not hold on to resentment, anger or bitterness. It is not being full of regrets or wishing for something that can no longer be. It is choosing not to give up your future by living in the past. It is making a choice for your health, for your spirit, for your emotional well being. Letting go is saying that you trust your unknown future to the hands of a known God.

    God, continuous to refine me so that I can be more like you. Help all of us in this post that are fighting pain, fear, loss, and the unknown. Continue to bless Chris as she shares her heart and wisdom to those who are hurting in their marriages.

  6. I married my husband last month on October 8, 2015. He currently wants an annulment because he found out that before we were married I reached out to an ex (not to meet or for anything sexual) in a weak moment after a horrible argument in which I thought my ex could shed light on something. It was a weak moment, I hadn’t reached out to him and very rarely thought of him in the two years prior.. But now my husband wants to renege on our vows and move toward leaving me. I love this man as deeply as the Bible defines love. I don’t believe in divorce. I do believe God put us together. Please pray for his heart to soften and to bring my husbands mind and heart toward forgiveness so that we can move forward renewed and together

  7. I need prayer for my marriage. I have been working on making changes so that I could bring healing to my marriage. I thought I was doing a good job but my husband has informed me that I have not. We don’t communicate well. He brings up issues of our sex life and other problems at really awkward times and then I feel he is angry when I change the topic. I never thought I’d wish for a divorce but I honestly think he’d be happier as all I see is hopelessness ahead of us since we can’t work things out and can not afford counseling. I understand that he needs to have sex and I am always willing but I just don’t feel like having sex and that makes him angry.

  8. Please pray for my wife and my struggling. She is a child of a emotionally abusive, unloving and uncaring parents. As a result she doesn’t seem to have the ability to trust and enjoy physical intimacy. In addition, her hyper defensiveness inhibits our ability to communicate and discuss the issues.
    Please soften her heart so she can fully enjoy marriage as God intended.

  9. I also have prayed for each of you! I know that I have been through similar situations to a lot of you. It’s tough. And I am truly praying for you all.

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