Do one thing to move yourself toward the next step in your journey.

It is often said that the hardest step of a journey is the first one. While I think that is often true, it doesn’t mean the rest of the steps are easy!

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck. We may know what the next step is, but we find ourselves dragging our feet or unable to actually do what needs to be done. Read More →

How can you move from insecurity to authenticity in your marriage?


When you are full of insecurity and have low self-esteem, it isn’t easy to do what is necessary to have a healthy, functional marriage.

Vulnerability is incredibly difficult. It means that you are letting someone see into your feelings of insecurity and into your belief that you aren’t valuable or lovable. It is like inviting someone into the place where you are least protected and handing them the most damaging weapon. Read More →


What are some steps you can take to work on sexual intimacy in your marriage?

If you’ve decided to work on the sexual intimacy in your marriage, that’s great! But where do you start?

When you think of all the things you need to do, it can be overwhelming.

Here are three things you can try, with some baby steps to help you get started. Read More →


Update: A second chat for this same topic has been added for Saturday, August 1, at 11 am US central time. Use the contact form on this page to sign up!  

How can you take an item on your sexual to-do list and break it into small steps?

When it comes to working on sexual intimacy in marriage, I’m a big advocate for breaking things into baby steps.

Instead of facing a huge mountain that you don’t know how to climb, you face something that might be a stretch but is within reach.

Taking small steps instead of giant leaps can help you build confidence and not feel so overwhelmed.

But how do you take a huge thing and break it down?

Our next Intimacy Chat for Wives is going to be all about baby steps. Read More →


Are you ready to take the next step on your sexual agenda?

When we are new at trying to change our approach to sexual intimacy in our marriages, many of us work on fundamentals that have to do with our hearts and attitude.

We stop saying “no,” we fully participate in sex instead of mentally checking out or urging our husbands just get it over with, and we try to learn about God’s design for sex in marriage. Read More →