Body image got you down?

Body image is a common struggle for women.

We think we are too much or not enough. Too tall or too short. Too curvy or not curvy enough. Breasts that are too small, too saggy, too uneven. Hair that is too straight or too curly, too shiny or not enough shine. Big feet. Small feet. Too sturdy or too frail. Too fat, or not meaty enough.

Many of us have faced self-consciousness about some aspect of our bodies, whether it is due to a lack or an abundance. Read More →

Should your husband's sexuality be like yours?

In Love Like a Woman, I encouraged you to embrace your sexuality as God designed it for you. It is unfair to your marriage to measure your sexuality by a yardstick of your husband’s sexuality.

Embracing our sexuality means that we recognize and appreciate our sexual response for what it is. We need to reject the idea that a male paradigm should apply to us.

There’s a flip side to that: we also need to reject the idea that a female paradigm should apply to our husbands. Read More →