How can we pray for your husband?

Big Guy has had a difficult few months, with several challenging situations blasting into him, one thing after another with hardly a chance in between to breathe.

Although I do what I can to support and encourage him in practical ways, I know that he is the one who must do the heavy lifting in dealing with the challenges in front of him. Read More →

Prepare to deal with the hurt in your heart.

How can a wife heal her hurting heart?

My years of resistance to intimacy, sexual and otherwise, were built on a foundation of my own baggage. Rather than helping to dismantle that bad foundation, Big Guy’s words and actions piled on even more stuff that I had to deal with.

Because I wasn’t aware that my baggage was  anything other than just the way things were, all I could see was what my husband did. I was hurting, and as far as I could tell, it was Big Guy’s fault. Read More →

Your husband's healing is not your job.

If sex has been a source of tension in your marriage, it’s likely to take a while to restore your sexual relationship to a place of health.

Not only are you in the process of learning and changing, your husband is, too. Read More →

What men say about how they feel about the lack of sexual intimacy in their marriages.

This blog exists for the support of Christian wives who have restricted the sexual activity in their marriages and want to change that. I write to help these women seek fulfilling intimacy in their marriages–for their own sake as much as for the sake of their husbands. Read More →


When a wife begins her journey to change her sexual attitude and actions in marriage, she may have some unspoken expectations running around in her head. I know I did:

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