Are you ready to (re)learn how to have sex?


My husband’s biggest complaint about our sex life wasn’t the infrequency; it was my lack of real engagement and participation and the lack of genuine intimacy between us. After years of maintaining a wall between us, I was terrified to connect with him without that wall. Read More →


What are some steps you can take to work on sexual intimacy in your marriage?

If you’ve decided to work on the sexual intimacy in your marriage, that’s great! But where do you start?

When you think of all the things you need to do, it can be overwhelming.

Here are three things you can try, with some baby steps to help you get started. Read More →


Are you a Christian wife who wants to work on sexual intimacy in her marriage? Join us as we chat about Getting Comfortable Letting Our Husbands Look.

One thing I really love about women is how we reach out to support and encourage each other. My favorite thing in comments on my blog posts is when women reach out to each other. I have been looking for ways to encourage these even more here.

I am going to try out a new feature at The Forgiven Wife—live chats! Read More →


You are the most beautiful woman in the world to your husband.

Among the many things I wondered about during much of my marriage is whether I’ve been beautiful. Although I didn’t love the way I looked early in our marriage, I knew I looked good enough and sexy enough. Read More →