Don't fear transformation in your marriage.

A caterpillar has its own charm, but God’s desire is for that caterpillar to experience a transformation and become a butterfly.

I doubt that the caterpillar knows to expect a transformation, but it does know to do the task it faces: spin the cocoon that allows the transformation to occur.

It emerges, with a brand new beauty and wings to fly.

I’ve been thinking about butterflies this week. Butterflies and death.

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Are you waiting for someday to tend to your marriage?

We’ve just about wrapped up the necessary work on the house we’ve lived in for almost 15 years. I recently mowed our old lawn for what was probably the last time.

I’d waited too long to mow, so the grass was long and it took me a while to get the work done. I had plenty of time to reminisce—and regret. Read More →