What do you remember of your experiences saying "no" to sex?

Throughout most of 2009 and 2010, we were in a nearly sexless marriage. A sexless marriage is a marriage in which sex occurs ten or fewer times per year. Our frequency wasn’t quite that low, but we were close during this time due to health problems and a series of very stressful events in our lives.

We were spiraling away from each other with each passing week. Our unhealthy communication patterns had gone from bad to worse, we spent almost no time with each other, and we had lost some of the energy to even argue with each other. Read More →


When I was a child, we lived next door to an elderly couple around the age of 90. Several years ago, my mom mentioned that one day, she and the neighbor woman were talking about childbirth. The neighbor told my mom how horribly painful her son’s birth was. She told her husband that she would never go through that again. Read More →