Passion Pursuit Study

Join me as we go through Passion Pursuit, by Linda Dillow and Juli Slattery. #authenticintimacy

Join me for a Passion Pursuit study!

If you are a Christian wife who wants to learn God’s truth about sex and pursue sexual passion in marriage, this study is for you! 

Passion Pursuit is for Christian wives in generally healthy marriages. If you are in marriage that involves on-going unrepentant sin (such as abuse, porn addiction, or infidelity), you are better off seeking professional or pastoral counseling to address those issues. We’ll do the study through a closed Facebook group. You’ll need to get the book, but the group is free.

This study will last a little over ten weeks, running from March 1 through May 15. Most of the work will be done on your own, with a weekly video and discussion questions posted daily on Facebook.

Once a week, we’ll also have a live chat thread where we can connect in real time as we discuss what we’ve been learning, share prayer requests, etc. This thread will happen in our Facebook group every Tuesday at 7 pm central time. I know that this time won’t work for everyone, or every week, so I’ll try to have additional times when I can. Even if you aren’t able to participate at the time, you’ll still be able to read the thread later and share your thoughts. You do not need to participate in the live chat threads to be part of this study. It’s just an extra option that gives us a chance to get to know each other a bit more.  I’ll be there, so if you have a quick question, you can get a response right away!

We will begin on Thursday, March 1, with icebreakers, an overview of the study, and information about video access. We’ll begin the actual study on March 5.

Passion Pursuit has ten chapters, each set up with daily homework. We’ll do one chapter each week, Monday through Friday. Each day I’ll post some discussion questions for you.


3/ 1 – introductions
3/5-3/9, Chapter 1 (live chat 3/6)
3/12-3/16, Chapter 2 (live chat 3/13)
3/19-3/23, Chapter 3 (live chat 3/20)
3/26-3/30, break for Holy Week and Easter
4/2-4/6, Chapter 4 (live chat 4/3)
4/9-4/13, Chapter 5 (live chat 4/106)
4/16-4/20, Chapter 6 (live chat 4/17)
4/23-4/27, Chapter 7 (live chat 4/24)
4/30-5/4, Chapter 8 (live chat 5/1)
5/7-5/11, Chapter 9 (live chat 5/8)
5/14-5/18, Chapter 10 (live chat 5/15)

How to Join the Study

  1. Go to the Facebook group and request to join the group.  You’ll be asked to answer a few questions.
  2. Get the book. If you use this affiliate link (or click the picture below) to purchase the book from Amazon, I will get a small commission. You can also get the book directly from Authentic Intimacy.

Overview of the Study

(from the Passion Pursuit Leader’s Guide, available here)

Chapter 1. I’ve Got Power

To begin our study, a wife will discover she has three areas of God-given power, each rising out of her husband’s need for respect, companionship, and sexual intimacy. A wife will be asked to consider how she is using her power—to build or tear down intimacy.

Chapter 2. Me, Pursue Passion?

In Scripture, God gave us a living example of a woman who knew how to use her power: the bride in Song of Solomon. We call her the Smokin’ Hot Mama. We share what we have learned from her about God’s desire for a wife to pursue passion and why intimacy requires pursuit.

Chapter 3. God’s Got an Opinion!

Most Christians never consider that God, the Creator, has an opinion about sex. Women will be amazed to discover three gifts of sexual intimacy hidden in the pages of Scripture: the gifts of intimate knowing, holy intimacy, and exquisite pleasure. Understanding God’s opinion will encourage each wife as she pursues passion.

Chapter 4. Making Truth Stick

Women can know God’s truth from Scripture but it can be “head truth” if it is not lived out by embracing God’s design in their bedroom. Satan burns his lies into us with the intent to destroy and confuse God’s beautiful truth. We look specifically at five common lies:

  1. It’s wrong to enjoy sex too much
  2. I’m not worthy of passion
  3. God doesn’t care about my pain
  4. I’m too wounded for passion
  5. I can heal myself

Chapter 5. What Kind of Love Are You Making?

Many women don’t like the way God made men. In this chapter, women will discover that God knew exactly what He was doing in making men and women so different. Each difference takes you into God’s laboratory of love and prompts you to ask the question, “Will I be a selfish lover or a servant lover?”

Chapter 6. Pursuing Pure Pleasure

The most pressing question Christian women ask about sex is, “What’s okay for me and my husband to do in the bedroom?” We’ll give practical, biblically based answers to questions about oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, and the use of pornographic materials in marriage.

Chapter 7. Exposing Counterfeit Intimacy

Satan works overtime to provide a buffet of sexual temptations that will defile your sexual relationship. In this chapter, women will address their unique temptations and discover how to recognize a dangerous path. We will also tackle how to deal with a husband’s temptations with empathy and holiness, including how to work as a team to keep their marriage pure

Chapter 8. Debt-Free Intimacy

Aspects of sexuality have been “mortgaged” by events in the past. The currency of freedom is forgiveness—God’s forgiveness of our sin and ours extended to others. Wives learn practical ways to make forgiveness a reality in their marriages.

Chapter 9. The Passion Priority

Sexual intimacy in marriage will be sub-par until a couple makes it a priority but—realistically—how do you do that in the midst of the demands of parenting, work, and daily life?

Chapter 10. Becoming a Smokin’ Hot Mama

Women have worked for nine weeks to remove barriers to intimacy. Now it is time to learn from the Smokin’ Hot Mama to be free—unrestrained in their bodies, thoughts, and imagination to pursue passion in marriage.

Learn more about the study here.

Join me as we go through Passion Pursuit, by Linda Dillow and Juli Slattery. #authenticintimacy

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