How can we pray for your husband?

Big Guy has had a difficult few months, with several challenging situations blasting into him, one thing after another with hardly a chance in between to breathe.

Although I do what I can to support and encourage him in practical ways, I know that he is the one who must do the heavy lifting in dealing with the challenges in front of him. Read More →

Does your husband abuse you?

Most of the time I write to women who are married to husbands who are generally good-willed men and are not in on-going unrepentant sin.

Today is different. Today I write to women who suffer because their husbands physically, emotionally, sexually, or spiritually abuse them. Read More →

Let's pray for wives.

On Friday, I will be spending some time in prayer for wives. How is God’s healing touch needed in your heart and in your marriage?

If you have a specific prayer need, post in the comments so others can know your need and pray for you as well. (If you prefer privacy, you can email me at

How can I pray for you?