Do one thing to move yourself toward the next step in your journey.

It is often said that the hardest step of a journey is the first one. While I think that is often true, it doesn’t mean the rest of the steps are easy!

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck. We may know what the next step is, but we find ourselves dragging our feet or unable to actually do what needs to be done. Read More →

You can conquer the learning curve!

I’ve been busy preparing for our podcast launch.

Much of the work has come naturally and is more fun than it is work: social media planning and posting, brainstorming ideas for podcast episodes, writing program notes, and having and recording our conversations about sexual intimacy in Christian marriages.

One thing, however, has been a challenge for me: sound editing. I came to this with absolutely no experience working with sound. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Read More →


Escape to the mountains. Genesis 19:17

Finding encouragement for marriage growth in the bible isn’t exactly unexpected. However, I was somewhat surprised to find such encouragement as I was reading about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Read More →

Growth that we cannot see is just as important as the growth that we can see.

We often think of growth as something with steady and visible movement.

Whether that growth is physical, mental, or spiritual, we expect it to look like something is actually growing.

Growth doesn’t necessarily work like that, though. Read More →

How can you turn discouragement into encouragement for your journey toward healthy sexual intimacy?

When you’re on a difficult journey to renovate the sexual intimacy in your marriage, it can be easy to feel discouraged.

Discouragement can come from many things. Read More →


In 8 Warning Signs Your Marriage Might Be In Trouble in Relevant Magazine, Gary Thomas discusses indicators that give an important warning signal that a marriage is in danger of dying: Read More →


When I was a child, I lived in a city with a wonderful carousel in the park. I would climb onto the horse, and it would go up and down and up and down. My imagination would have me traveling all over the land, riding my horse to all corners of my kingdom. (I was usually a princess in my imagination.) And then the ride would slow down, and I was surprised to realize that I was right back where I’d started.

How could that be, after all the riding I had just done, holding tight onto the reigns of my carousel horse? Read More →


A habit of sexual repression and restriction rather than sexual expression and freedom took me to a point where I was expending more energy avoiding sex than I would have having sex. I was exhausted trying to get my husband to connect with me emotionally in a meaningful way.

Our marriage was stuck in a cycle of self-protection, disappointment, and blame. I wasn’t willing to make any sexual changes because I felt hurt and emotionally disconnected from my husband (and the reverse was true for him). As it turned out, making those changes despite that disconnection started a journey that led to not only a joyful sex life for both of us, but to a stronger and deeper emotional connection as well. Read More →


I really meant it. Every single time.

Even when I thought my sexual refusing and gate-keeping were justified, I knew my husband was hurting. I really did care about that, and I knew that an improved sex life would help him.

“I promise I’ll do better,” I would say.

And a few days later, when my hurting husband would approach me, wondering if this time would be any different, I would reluctantly try. Or I would deflect and say, “I’m so tired. Can I please start doing better tomorrow?” Read More →