Escape to the mountains. Genesis 19:17

Finding encouragement for marriage growth in the bible isn’t exactly unexpected. However, I was somewhat surprised to find such encouragement as I was reading about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Read More →

Does your husband see your marriage as a protection against the pollution and storms of the world?

A couple months ago, my husband Doug (aka Big Guy) called me on his way home from work, just as he always does.

He asked him how my day was, and I told him I’d written a post about our crabapple tree.

“Great!” he said. “Did you talk about how the blossoms blow all over my car and how annoying that is?”

I told him what I’d written about (recognizing growth in marriage), and he said I should write another post about the crabapple blossoms on his car. I suggested, “Well, maybe you could write that one.”

So he did, and here it is. Read More →