7 Ideas for Using Halloween Sales to Spice Up Your Marriage Bed

Use post-Halloween sales to spice up your marriage bed!

Whether or not you participate in Halloween festivities, this is a great time of year to expand your Sexy Time Box o’ Fun.

Stores are filled with things you can use to add a little spice and fun to your marriage bed—and a lot of it will be on sale the next few days!


  1. What would happen if Captain America and Wonder Woman were to get married? Dress up as superheroes together—and then undress. 🙂 If you aren’t into superheroes, consider French maid, nurse, ballerina, cave woman, pirate wench, astronaut, and so on. (Wondering if role play is okay in your marriage? Check out this post and this podcast episode.)
  2. If you want to wear something that your husband can literally tear of you, visit your local thrift store. Halloween is their big sales season, and you can find some great stuff.


  1. Faux fur and fleece can add interesting sensations—and fabric stores can be a good place to grab it at a good price. Make love on top of it or turn it into blindfolds.
  2. Feathers and beads can create interesting sensations when used to caress the body. Check out craft stores or places that supply materials to make costumes to see what they have to offer. As you look at the display, imagine how each item could be used sexually.

Body decorations

  1. This is a great time to get body paint. Whether you want to become a green Orion dancing woman from Star Trek or just draw a treasure map on your body, this is the time of year to find what you need.
  2. Ever want to surprise your husband with a temporary tattoo or a little vajazzling?


  1. As far as I’m concerned, chocolate deserves its own category. While the stores are trying to clear out Halloween candy to make way for Christmas candy, you can stock up on Hershey’s kisses or M&Ms. Do M&Ms really melt in your mouth and not in your hand? If you place a row of them across your husband’s chest, can your mouth get to them before they melt?


So there you have it—a quick list of seven ways you can use what’s on the shelves now to add a little fun and spice to your marriage bed. Enjoy!

Use post-Halloween sales to spice up your marriage bed!

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  1. We’ve used M&Ms in a game where he places different colored ones in various “interesting “ places on me while my eyes are closed. Then I pick a color and he retrieves it with his tongue or lips. While I can feel where he places them as he does so, the exact location of specific colors is a surprise. Anticipation builds to pleasure giving variety and intensity in foreplay.

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