A Loveliness of Links ~ February 2017

Lovely links to help you grow your marriage!


It’s time for a Loveliness of Links from last month!

Just like a loveliness of ladybugs all working can help cultivate a healthy garden, a loveliness of blog posts can help you cultivate a healthy—and intimate—marriage.

Enjoy these great posts from February.

  1. 10 Ways to Make Your Marriage a Priority, To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
  2. Emotional Affair: Guarding Your Heart as a Wife, Intentional Today
  3. Enthusiastic Sex = Greater Intimacy, To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
  4. Frenulum Orgasm – A New Delight for Him, Awaken-Love
  5. How Slowing Your Heart Transforms Your Marriage, Messy Marriage
  6. How to Plan your Evening to Experience a Remarkable Day, Encourage Your Spouse
  7. Libido: Figuring Out My Sexuality As a Wife, Intentional Today
  8. Love – The Doing Leads to the Feeling, The Generous Wife
  9. Move Mismatched Sex Drives Toward Better, Bonny’s OysterBed7
  10. My Husband Isn’t My Best Friend, Authentic Intimacy
  11. Q&A with J: “My Husband Is Addicted to Porn,” Hot, Holy & Humorous
  12. Role Models: Letting Go of The Past So It Doesn’t Ruin Your Present, Intentional Today
  13. Say It Out Loud to Melt Your Beloved’s Heart, Bonny’s OysterBed7
  14. Sensual to Sexual, The Generous Wife
  15. What Makes You Feel Sexy? Hot, Holy & Humorous
  16. When Resentment is Killing Your Sexual Intimacy, Intimacy in Marriage
  17. Why Do I Never Want to Say Yes When My Husband Initiates Sex? To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
  18. Why We Need Sexual Discipleship, Phylicia Delta
  19. Why You Should Try This Sex Position, Hot, Holy & Humorous
  20. Willing to be Adventurous, One-Flesh Marriage

Lovely links to help you grow your marriage!

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