10 Ways Sex Is Like a Thunderstorm…


  1. Sometimes you can see it in the forecast, a long way away, and you have time to prepare for it. Other times, it just sneaks up on you.
  2. You never know whether you’re going to get big booms or a distant rumbling that you aren’t even sure is really thunder.
  3. Like a good rain pours into the earth and feeds life, good sex pours into your heart and feeds your marriage.
  4. It can make the house shake.
  5. Sometimes the lights stay on; other times you dig out your candles.
  6. It can happen any time—morning, noon, or night.
  7. You can have a series of thunderstorms over a period of days, or just one little storm that pops up during the week.
  8. It can be scary.
  9. It is primal.
  10. It is God’s awesome power at work.

What is sex like to you?

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15 Comments on “10 Ways Sex Is Like a Thunderstorm…”

  1. Our special times are more like visits to the beach. We usually plan them out. However, sometimes they are impromptu visits. But, still it takes time to put your beach chairs in the car and fill your water cooler and put your sunscreen on. And yes, Gods awesome power is revealed as the waves roll in. :). Love your analogy, Chris. Happy Sunday.

  2. Sex is something I love because I love pleasing my husband and watch him being pleased. Is it great every time no but making him happy is what brings me the joy and excitement that I need:-)

  3. Sometimes it’s only a distance rumble and while you’re excitedly waiting with anticipation the thrill of a thunderstorm rolling through, it doesn’t come your way. 🙁

  4. I love this. I love the images it creates. I love the way it makes me smile. I love the creative way you described such an event of joy and celebration. Beautiful. I want to make a print of these words to keep in our room. I want to be be reminded again when I forget of the gift God has graciously given us.

    Thank you.


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  5. Oh, my goodness, you had me with the title! 🙂 Great analogies. I LOVE making love with a storm raging outside the window, curtain pulled back a tad to let the light show in, being in our own little cocoon, love the anticipation of the storm brewing outside, getting closer and knowing it’s almost bedtime. Good stuff. 🙂 Then, afterward, so relaxed and just letting the rain continue to lull you to sleep.Then the next morning waking up and being so refreshed in body and spirit and everything outside being so clear and sparkling.

  6. It’s like a desert in the early twilight, it’s dry, cold, windy and lonely. You find yourself remembering the start of the journey in a lovely garden with a very dear friend who has agreed to be your partner. The path had some slightly rough spots at first but it was manageable till your partner on the journey stumbled and you unkindly said: hurry up, “I haven’t got all day !” Then you get a mild sprain on the next rough patch and your partner says : “Are you still whining about that !” And the way got rockier, and dryer and neither of you were being kind. And instead of stopping to seek help you forged on in your own “strength” on a path that ran along side the other at first. But gradually the separation got wider even though the paths were still going in the same direction. You didn’t notice the growing gap or really didn’t care at first. One day you find you are in that desert and you can just barely make out where your partner is trudging along on the original path.You think : “I’ve got to get back to my partner and that path because where I’m at now sucks.” So you try to cross the rock strewn desert between the two of you but there are boulders and crags to try to get around and you start to despair of ever finding the right way. Finally you stop and cry out : “Heavenly Father, help me !” Now he reveals to you that you and your partner are back on a path together but it is still desert. Now you start asking for and seeking help, and as you close up with your partner this light misty rain blows across you both and you hope that some day it will be the thunderstorm you’ve read about. For now though that light mist will do because it is a start.

      1. I think she is becoming aware. Once I woke up to the fact we were growing apart I started making changes in my life, but I realized she had put barriers around her heart to guard aginst being hurt anymore by my foolish choices.
        On Christmas eve we spent time in each others arms in bed for the first time in a very very long time. No sexual activity took place but it is a step forward. This is the mist, and it makes me look forward to being in the rain someday.
        I’m working on these things you mentioned in your Serenity post :
        ■You can change only yourself; you can’t change your wife.
        ■Work on your own walk with Christ and do what God calls you to do.
        ■Pray for and support your wife’s relationship with Christ.
        ■Be married to the wife you have, not to the wife you wish you had
        I’m glad I found your blog, Chris, as well as the Marrige Bed blog and forums.

        1. It sounds like you are doing what is needed in your marriage. Lying in each other’s arms is more vulnerable than sex in some ways, and I’m glad you see that as a sign of growth.

          Thank you for letting me know that you find the blog helpful; I pray that your wife finds it when she is ready. I credit the Marriage Bed forums with opening my eyes and motivating the changes I made in myself. I’m glad you found that place as well.

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