A Loveliness of Links ~ August 2017


Lovely links to help you grow your marriage!

It’s time for a Loveliness of Links from August! These blog posts are written by Christian women to encourage you, convict you, uplift you, and acknowledge your situation as you pursue a good marriage, healthy and holy sexual intimacy, and healing and wholeness in God.

  1. 100 Magic Words for Your Marriage, Calm.Healthy.Sexy
  2. 16 Tips on Marriage from the Longest Married Couple in America, The Romantic Vineyard
  3. 3 Ways to Have Great Sex in 20 Minutes or Less, Intimacy in Marriage
  4. 6 Ways to Enjoy Giving Oral Sex to Your Husband, Intimacy in Marriage
  5. Barriers to Having Great Sex, Awaken-Love
  6. Beauty and The Beast, Rachel and Leah, Heather Creekmore
  7. Ditch Relying on Your Feelings And Do This Instead, Daring Girls Tribe
  8. Forget the Former Things! Darby Dugger
  9. Her Husband is Better Than My Husband, Intentional Today
  10. Hiding the Truth? The Generous Wife
  11. How Can We Talk About Male Victims of Emotional Abuse? To Love, Honor and Vacuum
  12. How to Get Used to Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed, Rebecca Lemke
  13. How to Have “Vacation Sex” – Even When You’re Not on Vacation, Calm.Healthy.Sexy.
  14. I’m Afraid to Be Honest, But Other Than That, We Have an Amazing Marriage, Leslie Vernick
  15. I’m Sinking. How Do I Get Stronger? Leslie Vernick
  16. A Mighty Weapon in the Battle Against Insecurity, A Softer Shade of Red
  17. My Favorite Feeling During Sex (And It’s Not Orgasm), Hot, Holy & Humorous
  18. National Body Image Study: What Do Women Really Think of Their Bodies? Heather Creekmore
  19. Nix the Correction and Criticism, The Generous Wife
  20. The One Thing Guaranteed to End All Marriages, Meg Marie Wallace
  21. One Thing You MUST Do in Conflict, Nina Roesner
  22. Q&A with J: “Our Marriage Bed is a Mess” Part 1, Hot, Holy & Humorous
  23. Q&A with J: “My Marriage Bed Is a Mess” Part 2, Hot, Holy & Humorous
  24. Queefing 101, Bonny’s OysterBed7
  25. Reader Question: Why Can’t I Reach Orgasm Now That I’ve Hit Menopause? To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
  26. Resurrecting the Romance: The Language of Love, Yoked
  27. Sex Must Be Measured Against God’s Design, Awaken-Love
  28. Six Signs the Abuse in Your Marriage is Escalating, Grey Ministries
  29. Top 10 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Husband! To Love, Honor and Vacuum
  30. What’s Important to Him? The Generous Wife
  31. Why 50/50 Marriages Don’t Work, humblefaithfamilywellness.com
  32. Why You Feel Worse Than He Does about the Premarital Sex, Hot, Holy & Humorous
  33. Winning the Victory Over our Mind – Is it Possible? His Dearly Loved Daughter
  34. Lovely links to help you grow your marriage!


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    1. You’re welcome. Too many of us carry sexual shame into our marriages for various reasons, and I like to be able to share posts that can encourage my readers to dismantle the barriers to sexual joy and intimacy in their marriages.

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