A Woman’s Heart

This post is not about marriage. I’m setting aside my role as a wife for a few minutes to pray for all my sisters who grieve  and are in need of some extra care and understanding today.

This is a hard day for so many.

•Women who struggle with infertility month after month after month.
•Women who have stopped struggling and have accepted or become resigned.
•Women who waited so long to decide or get around to it that they lost the chance.
•  Women who have lost babies while still pregnant.
• Women who had children and now grieve the loss of the biological ability to be pregnant.
• Women who struggle with secondary infertility and rejoice in the child they have while aching for more.
• Women whose hearts sob when they see a pregnant woman  or a baby.
•Women who care for or teach other women’s children while  yearning for someone to call them “Mom.”
•Women who can never take a day off because of a child’s special needs.
•Women who have no husband to share the parenting.
•Women who have a husband who will not share the parenting.
•Women who struggle to meet their children’s physical or emotional needs.
•Women who have lost a child and always have to think about how to answer the question, “How many children do you have?”
•Women who have children whose life choices have taken them far away, even if they live in the same town.
•Women whose mothers were absent or did not model good mothering.
•Women who face the first Mother’s Day without their moms.
•Women who face the last Mother’s Day with their moms.

It is a hard day for so many. It would be easy for me to feel heart-heavy today. This is the last Mother’s Day when all the kids will be at home, although I will try not to think about that too much. My inevitable tears will still be easier than the heart-wrenching, bone-deep sorrow so many of my sisters will experience today.

If there is a woman in your life who will struggle on Mother’s Day, please reach out and find a way to soothe and comfort while letting her heart grieve.

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  1. Thank you for this, Chris. I don’t think we can be reminded too many times to think of others and the battles they are fighting.

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