As the Grass Withers


I took this picture at one of my favorite spots at our local nature center a couple years ago. As I was playing with some photo editors on my phone, a Bible verse came to mind so I popped it into the picture.

As my husband and I approach 50, we sometimes get a taste of the coming withering and falling season of the human body. A reminder that God’s word lasts far beyond the frailties of this season helps us get through. That and a sense of humor.

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5 Comments on “As the Grass Withers”

  1. You are in some mood. Really…”withering and falling season”. Come on…it’s not that bad! Body parts do not fall off.

    It is a time of transition. It’s wonderful to have a loving spouse to cling to. I find that to me, it’s a time in my life that is more intimate and spiritual. It’s something that you should look forward to and embrace.

  2. I love it that you shared this. You’re real and it helps me feel like I’m not alone and shows that everybody has ups and downs and we never get it all figured out. You’re a gem!

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