Food and Sex

Food can add some fun and sexy sensations.

Strengthen me with raisins,
refresh me with apples,
for I am faint with love.
Song of Songs 2:5

In the Song of Songs, the Bible gives us a vivid description of sexual intimacy.

This book shows us a sex life that includes all the senses—including taste.

Just look at all the food and flavor that is mentioned:

Today we have all these foods still available to us, along with so much more!

I have no idea whether the lovers in Song of Songs used food as part of their lovemaking. Nonetheless, the frequent references to taste, scent, and food make it clear that God designed both food and sex to tap into our senses in a pretty intense way.

Why not build on that in your own marriage bed? If you want to try out some new sexy sensations (sex-sations?), food fun might be worth a try.

I’d like to explore with you some ways that you can use food in sexual ways before and during your lovemaking.

Common Sense Guidelines

First, let’s cover some safety issues.

  • Be smart about anything that will be inserted into your vagina. Make sure it is clean and smooth. (Think of the nubs on cucumbers and strawberries, and imagine what that would feel like on your vaginal walls. Ouch.)
  • Be especially careful with food that is sweet or spicy. Sweet food can lead to yeast infections, and spice can leave a burning sensation—neither of which are conducive to sexual enjoyment. Remember that cinnamon is a spice. Avoid things that are acidic (including things with vinegar or citrus juice).
  • If you can’t eat it, don’t use it sexually. If you have food allergies or diabetes, it is best to avoid taking any chances. Organic substances (meaning food in general, not just food labeled “organic”) can be absorbed through the vaginal walls. Besides, if you have to count carbs or calories, where’s the fun in that?
  • If you are using condoms for birth control, don’t use oily food near your genitals.
  • Before using food that is hot or cold on sensitive tissue or skin, let the person whose body it is test the temperature on his or her inner wrist. What is just right for one person might be too hot or too cold for the other.
  • When in doubt of what is safe to use where, keep all food play above the waist.
  • When using teeth, be very, very careful that all you are biting into is the food. When Big Guy and I were dating, we had an incident involving a grape, two mouths, and a bitten lip. It was not pretty, and it prevented kissing for several days. I still don’t want him to nibble on food that is in my mouth.

If you’re going to incorporate food into a sexual encounter, plan ahead.

  • Pack a small cooler of things you want to keep cool.
  • Lay down a tarp, towels, or an old sheet to protect your bed. Food play can get messy and sticky, and while that’s good for sex, it isn’t so good for sleeping afterward.
  • Keep extra towels and wipes handy.
  • Make sure you have a clear route to the bathroom to shower together afterwards. If you need to wear a robe to get to the bathroom, be sure you take a clean one along to put on afterward.

Pre-Sex Appetizers

Even if you don’t want to incorporate food into your sexy time, there’s a lot you can do with food before you even get started.

Some foods, such as oysters and watermelon, seem to have an aphrodisiac effect. Specifically, they contain substances that boost energy, sex hormones, relaxation, endorphins, dopamine, heat, and blood flow. Some foods seem to give a fairly quick boost and others contribute to overall health in ways that help your body tap into your libido.

Try some of these foods:

  • bananas
  • pumpkin seeds
  • avocado
  • oysters
  • champagne
  • cinnamon
  • chocolate
  • oysters
  • watermelon
  • chili peppers
  • honey
  • coffee
  • pine nuts
  • arugula
  • figs
  • strawberries
  • chai tea
  • pomegranates
  • cherries
  • garlic

Enjoy light food with your husband as part of your pre-sex warmup to have time to talk and relax together. The scent and color of food can tease your senses and help you be more physically aware and present. It’s a great way to help let go of things that are on your mind.

Also, never underestimate the value of teasing and tempting your husband. Look him in the eyes while you slowly lick a popsicle or lick something off your finger (or his). Let yourself moan at the decadence of your fancy chocolate. This is something you can do discreetly even when you have family around.

The Main Course

When it’s sexy time, there’s a whole buffet of ideas to try!

  • Add some favorite flavors and new texture to oral sex. Place chocolate syrup or yogurt on his penis (just a little is enough, but more is even tastier) before you get going.
  • Use temperature to change up the sensations. Trail an ice cube or a popsicle along his body (or ask him to do the same to you). If you’re using a popsicle, be sure to lick up the stickiness it leaves behind.
  • Feed each other—slowly and sensually. Go for taste, not fullness. If you are using finger foods, make them bite-sized. If you’re using something that requires a spoon, aim for something along the lines of the couple in this commercial:
  • Consider wearing your food. A candy necklace might make an interesting garter. Or, you can make your own garter belt out of fruit rollups.
  • Dust your sweetie’s abs with something sweet to lick. Be careful, though. Sugar can feel gritty (sort of like sand), so you definitely want to keep it above the waist.
  • Have your husband use fruit rollups or licorice to tie your ankles or wrists together.
  • Be a buffet table, placing a few snacks on your body for your husband to nibble on (carefully). The Japanese art of nyotaimori uses sushi in this way. (Don’t do this if you have a shellfish allergy, and be careful not to use wasabi.)
  • Use chocolate syrup, whipped cream, syrup, or honey to draw a treasure map on your husband’s body—and then use your tongue to trace the map until you get to the place where X marks the spot.
  • Apply peanut butter to his body with your fingers; remove it with your lips.
  • Chew on Altoids before giving your husband oral sex. It adds a tingle.
  • Any time you need to lick your fingers off, be sure to catch your husband’s eye first and then lick seductively.


One other food technique I’ve heard about involves adding a grapefruit to your oral sex technique. This technique comes from a woman who goes by the name Auntie Angel. I’ve seen her video that describes it, but it includes some language that will be offensive to some (including the f-word and locker-room words instead of “penis”).

Rather than link to the video, let me try to describe it for you.


  1. Take a room-temperature whole grapefruit and roll it around on the table to get it nice and juicy.
  2. Cut a thick slick of grapefruit. Basically, cut off two sides, leaving what looks like a two-inch wheel.
  3. From the middle of the slice, cut a hole about the width of your husband’s penis.


  • Begin giving your husband oral sex just as you usually do.
  • When he starts to get hot and bothered, place the grapefruit slice on his penis (his penis goes through the hole). The grapefruit slice should be between your mouth and his body.
  • While you continue to orally stimulate the head of his penis, simultaneously move the grapefruit slice up and down, twisting back and forth as you go.

Apparently, the juiciness and  the texture of the grapefruit flesh add some amazing sensations for your husband. A friend who has tried this technique  reported that it is both effective and very, very messy.

Make “Dessert” Fun

People frequently joke around by saying that they can have dinner first, and then for dessert, they’ll have sex. There’s no reason you can’t use actual dessert as part of your “dessert.”

If nothing else, pull together wine, apple,  fruit,  raisins, figs, pomegranates, spices, milk, honey, wheat, and grapes and call it a Song of Songs taste fest.

Do you have other suggestions for how you can use food as part of your sexy fun with your husband?

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  1. Chris,
    This is another very fine post! Adding food to one’s love-making has helped many a lover overcome their concerns about oral sex.

    If I may add some ideas to your suggestions, as another option in the oral sex/eatable sex toys scenario, “eatable underwear” has been around for some time, too. Also, fruit-flavored, lubricating jellies (KY or similar) are very palatable and can act as an “incentive” to one’s partner to participate in oral sex. Oftentimes, too, ladies use bananas and carrots to add to the excitement and visual stimulation.

    I’ve rad stories of people filling their bathtubs with milk and once climbing in the tub, have some pretty serious sexual fun. Others have filled their tubs with whipped cream; and, still others filled their tub with yogurt. I guess I’d put the use of bathtubs in the category of: “whatever cranks your tractor.”

    One need not go to a “sex store” to obtain the eatable underwear or the fruity-flavored lubricating jellies, either. Any of these can be ordered on-line (like Amazon or similar) or purchased in stores like Spenser’s (sp?) Gifts, which are found in most any mall around the country.

    Bon a petite!

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