Four Ways to Absorb God’s Truth about Intimacy in Marriage

Are you ready to renew your mind, heart, and spirit and learn God’s truth about sex and sexuality?

I am writing today over at Managing Your Blessings as part of the Spring 2015 31 Days to a Better Marriage series.

Like many of you, my journey toward healed sexual intimacy involved both unlearning lies about sex and sexuality and learning God’s truth:

Sexual intimacy is such a powerful thing in marriage. It should be no surprise that it’s where Satan chooses to attack us by feeding us lies and making us doubt.

Like many women, I often found it easier to believe the enemy’s lies about sexual intimacy than to believe God’s truth.

Join me here to read my post about some ways to absorb God’s truth about sexual intimacy.

You can find an overview of the entire series here.

See you there!

31 Days to a Better Marriage

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