It Must Be Love

My husband has a nasty boo-boo on his foot. The thick callous on his heel cracked, so deeply that it had started bleeding. It got infected, and he can barely put any weight on it.The medical phrase the nurse used when she saw it was, “Ew, nasty.” And yeah, it really is nasty.

Today we went to the foot doctor, thinking that he might have to cut some tissue off or something else painful. Fortunately, he said that all my husband needs to do is soak his foot, put antibiotic ointment on the cracks, and cover the rest of the callous in lotion. Unfortunately, my husband can’t reach his own heel.

So guess who gets the honor of having to deal with the nasty boo-boo? Yeah, me.

I was sitting there this morning, my husband on the couch and me on the coffee table in front of him. His foot was in my lap and I was having to deal with something really gross. But there I was, thinking how easy it would be to let my hand wander up from his foot to somewhere else, ….

If I can be thinking about sex with the man whose disgusting foot is in my hand, it really must be love.

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One Comment on “It Must Be Love”

  1. Here is the exciting and interesting thing for me in regards to this post. Having just read and commented on “Learning to Walk” previous to this post, the first things I thought of were A) well, you should have wandered, and B) did you let you hand wander up from his foot? Just shows you how difficult it can be to change even after an epiphany. The good thing is though, I caught myself. Kind of like you closing your eyes and taking a breath before responding to his overtures for sex when you are wanting to say “No.” I caught myself and thought tell her how fantastic that she has progressed so much about touching him that her mind even went there in the first place. I may have stumbled, but I didn’t fall. You should take pride in your part in changing my life and know this blog is affecting change in the lives of others.

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