A Loveliness of Links ~ October 2017

Links to help you grow your marriage!

It’s time for a Loveliness of Links from October! Allow these posts to encourage you, convict you, uplift you, and acknowledge your situation as you pursue a good marriage, healthy and holy sexual intimacy, and healing and wholeness in God.

  1. 3 Surprising Reasons to Initiate Sex With Your Man, Shaunti Feldhahn
  2. 3 Tips for Building a Strong Marriage, Be Fully Well
  3. 4 Things I Focus on To Build Intimacy With my Husband, Intentional Today
  4. 4 Ways Satan Divides Us in Marriage, Messy Marriage
  5. 5 Psychologically Proven Ways Scripture Teaches Us to Combat Anxiety, Phylicia Masonheimer
  6. A Christian App – Ultimate Intimacy, Awaken-Love
  7. Are You A Distracted Wife? Up With Marriage
  8. Are You a High-Maintenance Lover? Hot, Holy & Humorous
  9. Dear Christians, It’s Okay to Talk About Sex, Intentional Today
  10. He Counts on You, The Generous Wife
  11. Healing After #metoo, Authentic Intimacy
  12. How Should You Pray for Your Spouse? Hot, Holy & Humorous
  13. How to Lose Weight Before Christmas, Calm.Healthy.Sexy.
  14. How to Tantalize Your Husband, Awaken-Love
  15. Is the Church Failing Sexless Marriages? Hot, Holy & Humorous
  16. Marriage In The Midst Of Miscarriage, Marriage 365
  17. Motive Matters: Believing the Best of Your Spouse, Shaunti Feldhahn
  18. And Not Afraid. Intimacy in Marriage
  19. On Harvey Weinstein and Owning Someone Else’s Shame, To Love, Honor & Vacuum
  20. Reader Question: My Husband Doesn’t Think our Sex Life is Good Enough, To Love, Honor & Vacuum
  21. Slow Dance, The Generous Wife
  22. The Attributes of a Healthy Marriage – TRUST, The Romantic Vineyard
  23. The Lies Women Hear: Life After Domestic Violence, Heather Creekmore
  24. The Rhythm of Routine, The Romantic Vineyard
  25. Unconfessed Sin, Darby Dugger
  26. What Christ’s Victory Means for My Marriage And 5 Steps to Embrace It! Messy Marriage
  27. When Sex Is Not Good (a podcast), Authentic Intimacy
  28. Why Sex is Complicated (And How to Make It Less Complicated), Calm.Healthy.Sexy.
  29. You Are Enough for Your Spouse, Being Mrs. McIntosh
  30. Your Orgasm Matters More Than You Realize, Intimacy in Marriage


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