Preparing for Launch!

I am so excited!

The new podcast I’m doing with the women behind Bonny’s Oysterbed 7, Calm.Healthy.Sexy., and Hot, Holy & Humorous launches on February 14.

That’s Valentine’s Day, folks—and it’s one week from today!

I expect it will take us a few episodes to hit our stride, but we are so ready for you to join us around the virtual table for a woman-to-woman chat about sexual intimacy in marriage.

We’ve recorded episodes on getting in the mood, stress, positions, exercise and sex, female sexual response, and more—and we have an awesome list of topics for future episodes.

If you’d like to be notified when new episodes go live, you can subscribe at Also, follow our social media accounts:


If you have a question or would like to suggest a topic for a future episode, go to our website, click on Have a Question?, and ask us questions you’d like to hear us discuss.

I’d like to ask for continuing prayers as we prepare for our launch.

We are so excited that we have a little preview for you. Click here to listen to our first episode, Getting in the Mood.


I’m so excited to get to share with you about a new resource that will be launching six weeks from today: a podcast about sex, just for Christian wives.

Sex Chat for Christian Wives is a biblically-based podcast brought to you by Bonny Burns (Bonny’s OysterBed7), Gaye Christmus (Calm.Healthy.Sexy.), J Parker (Hot, Holy & Humorous), and yours truly.

A new podcast for Christian wives!

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Listen to me on podcasts at Delight Your Marriage!

Belah Rose at Delight Your Marriage has a podcast series of interviews with marriage writers about their marriages, seasons of struggle, and journeys of transformation.

I am delighted to be featured on her podcasts this week.

Belah did such a wonderful job helping me feel relaxed and comfortable that I didn’t want to stop talking—so my interview is in two separate podcasts.

You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to hear my voice rather than read it, this is your chance.

Thank you, Belah, for the opportunity to let my voice be heard in a different way.

How do you think a husband should respond when his wife won't have sex with him?

The Mark Gungor Show recently had a podcast that addressed how a husband should deal with a wife who won’t have sex with him. (You can find the podcast here; the bit I’m describing begins at around the 15-minute mark.)

As a wife who used to refuse to have much of a sexual relationship with her husband, I was curious about what the show would have to say. Read More →