A New Resource for Christian Wives (and a New Adventure for Me)

Sex Chat for Christian Wives is a new podcast where four friends talk about sex and let you listen in. Join us!

I’m so excited to get to share with you about a new resource that will be launching six weeks from today: a podcast about sex, just for Christian wives.

Sex Chat for Christian Wives is a biblically-based podcast brought to you by Bonny Burns (Bonny’s OysterBed7), Gaye Christmus (Calm.Healthy.Sexy.), J Parker (Hot, Holy & Humorous), and yours truly.

A new podcast for Christian wives!

Why a podcast?

Christian wives need more resources to encourage them in the area of sexual intimacy.

As much as blogging reaches out to many women, it does nothing for those who have neither the time nor the inclination to read. Women who may not have time to read a blog post will be able to listen to a podcast while they drive to work or exercise.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t much out there specifically for Christian wives. There are some great marriage podcasts, and even some about sex—but most of these are from men. (A notable exception is Delight Your Marriage.)  Frankly, some women are simply more comfortable hearing about sex from women than from men. Women talk the same language, so to speak.

What can be done to reach some of these Christian wives who want to hear, rather than read, encouragement to grow sexually? How can we help them feel as comfortable as if they’re sitting around the table with some friends, chatting about sexual intimacy in their marriages?

The women behind the mics

Women can be such great encouragements to each other. We surround each other, we acknowledge the struggles, we celebrate successes, and we encourage growth.

My biggest surprise in blogging has been the amazing people I’ve gotten to know. When I began this blog, I had no idea that I would make such good friends with other writers. My sister bloggers help me find courage and wisdom on a regular basis. I can do things through their support that I cannot figure out or accomplish on my own.

Bonny, Gaye, and J are three of the women I’ve gotten to know well. We are all Christian women who write about sexual intimacy.

Each of us writes about sex in a different way. Bonny specifically writes for women with low libido, offering hope to women who think there is nothing they can do about a lack of desire for sex. Gaye looks as sex as part of a woman’s overall health and wellness. J writes about the awesomeness of God’s design for sexuality. I try to encourage women who are trying to change habits of restricting sex in their marriages.

All four of us are passionate about helping Christian wives thrive and fully enjoy God’s gift of sex in their marriages.

When you have four women who are passionate about encouraging Christian wives in godly sexual intimacy and you start thinking about the need for a sex podcast for Christian wives, what do you get?

You get a podcast: Sex Chat for Christian Wives!

What can you expect?

We encourage each other, and now we want to encourage you, too!

Sex Chat for Christian Wives aims to encourage Christian wives to enjoy God’s gift of sex in all of its awesomeness by presenting a biblical view, practical tips, and engaging discussion about godly sexual intimacy.

We will discuss things like sexual challenges, sex-related news, church teaching about sex and sexuality, sex tips and techniques, reader questions, and more. Sometimes we’ll have guests, but mostly it will be just us hanging out and chatting about sex.

Sex Chat for Christian Wives will have a roundtable format in which we chat about sex and encourage you along the way.

Where you can find us

Our website is still under construction, but you’re invited to take a peek: sexchatforchristianwives.com.

We’ll update the site with news about our launch plans, and it’s where you’ll find links to all our episodes, including program notes and links to related blog posts.

We’re on social media already, too:


Help us!

The last thing I figured I’d ever do is podcasting. This isn’t something any of the four of us would tackle on our own. With support and encouragement from each other, though, we’re able to put together something that I think is going to become wonderful.

Not only are we helping each other, we’d like to ask for your help, too!

Here’s how:

  • Follow our social media accounts to be informed when our first episodes go live.
  • Suggest episode topics. Go to our website, click on Have a Question?, and ask us questions you’d like to hear us discuss.
  • Pray for us in our endeavors to learn the technology and develop good programming for you.

We’re aiming for a launch on Valentine’s Day and have already recorded several episodes. Although we record only the audio, we chat on Skype so we can have more natural interaction with each other.

It is such a joy to work with Bonny, Gaye, and J with this podcast. The first time I saw us all on the screen together was just a bit surreal. Here we are during a recent conversation:

My Sex Chat sisters!

I’m having a blast with these awesome women. J laughs as much as you might think she does (and I’m pretty sure she’s fallen off her chair once or twice), Gaye always seems so calm and put together (even when the carpet cleaners show up while we’re recording), and Bonny wins a prize for most interesting podcast locations (so far she’s recorded from a closet and her bathroom).

You can read their posts about our podcast at Bonny’s OysterBed7, Calm.Healthy.Sexy., and Hot, Holy & Humorous.

We sound pretty much like four Christian friends sitting around and talking about sex—because that’s exactly what we are. You’ll hear frank discussion and our open hearts. You’ll hear a lot of laughter, too.

Won’t you join us?

Sex Chat for Christian Wives is a new podcast where four friends talk about sex and let you listen in. Join us!

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