If You Give a Blogger a Podcast

What happens when you give a blogger a part in a podcast?

This month is the first anniversary of the Sex Chat for Christian Wives podcast I do with J (Hot, Holy & Humorous), Bonny (Bonny’s OysterBed7), and Gaye (Calm.Healthy.Sexy.)

My blog began in response to a pretty clear call from God. I imagined myself writing a lot and occasionally getting an email or comment from a reader. I didn’t imagine that I would be invited into the hearts of so many readers. I had no idea that I would become part of a blogging community.

I most certainly didn’t imagine that I would ever in my life be part of a podcast.

Yet here I am. Reflecting on the first year of our podcast has brought me full circle in some ways. I’ve watched the podcast become an important part of what God has called me to do. I am right back at the place of thinking about what God has in store for me and what He wants from me.

I’m right back where I started—just like the boy in the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff.

Attempting to use her style in that book, let me tell you what happens when a blogger becomes part of a sex podcast team.

If You Give a Blogger a Podcast

If you ask a blogger to be part of a podcast team, she’s going to ask for a mic.

When you give her the mic, she’s going to talk. She’ll make a sexual gesture with the mic because it is penis-shaped and she is, after all, a sex blogger.

Then she’ll look at the Skype screen to make sure the other bloggers saw her being silly with the mic. She’ll be happy to see one of the other bloggers falling off her chair laughing. Then she’ll notice that her own bra strap is showing. She’ll ask the other bloggers what color bras they’re wearing, and they’ll talk about their bras for a while.

At some point, they’ll get back on track. At least once, she will ramble all over the place. And then someone will probably say something she shouldn’t have and have to announce, “we’ll need to edit that out” while everyone else laughs or rolls their eyes.

After she finishes recording, she’ll be both worn out and energized. She’ll go crawl into bed with her husband, who will ask how recording was. She’ll tell him about the episode she just recorded and will mention the bra conversation. He’ll ask about her bra and will make a comment about what’s underneath it. She’ll decide there’s no time like the present to do “blog research.”

When she puts her bra on the next morning, it will remind her of something she thought of the night before right before the bra conversation. She won’t want to forget her thought, so she’ll go write a blog post about it. When the post is finished, she’ll have to tell her podcast team about it. She’ll get on Facebook and message them about her post and how great last night’s episode went. She’ll think about how happy she is to collaborate with such wonderful women who have become her good friends.

Thinking about her friends will remind her of how much fun they had, and she’ll probably laugh about the sexual gesture she made with the mic.

And chances are if she’s thinking about the mic, she’s going to be pretty glad she has a podcast to go with it.

Anniversary Celebration!

In support of our first anniversary, Marriage Spice is giving away an amazing prize: $150 gift certificate to their store! Runners-up will receive free shipping for life, and my podcast team will bundle up their e-books for some folks as well.

Visit this page to find out how to enter.

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We’d love to have you join us around our virtual table.

What happens when you give a blogger a part in a podcast?

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