Ask others to pray for you to move forward in your marriage.

I want to begin by sharing with you something that has absolutely nothing to do with marriage. I’ll get around to talking about marriage at the end, though. I promise.

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How can we pray for your husband?

Big Guy has had a difficult few months, with several challenging situations blasting into him, one thing after another with hardly a chance in between to breathe.

Although I do what I can to support and encourage him in practical ways, I know that he is the one who must do the heavy lifting in dealing with the challenges in front of him. Read More →

No mess is bigger than God.

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

I was working at a private college with several Catholic sisters on staff and went to a meeting to discuss the non-academic challenges faced by some students. Some of our students had serious messes in their lives.

My colleagues and I shared a few stories about the ways God’s providence was evident in the way these students managed to rise above their challenges.

One of the sisters thought for a moment, then quietly said something along these lines: “It’s in the mess where the Holy Spirit resides.” Read More →

How can we pray for your marriage?

Tomorrow (November 9) will be a day of prayer for me. One of the things I intend to pray about is marriage. I would love for you to join me, even if only for a few minutes.

If you have a specific struggle in your marriage that could use some prayer, you are invited to comment on this post with your prayer request. (Or, if it’s too private to share in a comment, you can email me at

Also, share ways that we can pray in gratitude for you. If you have taken any steps toward healing, that is worthy of prayer as well.

I encourage you to take a few moments to pray for the requests shared here. It is one of the wonderful ways women can support each other.

Note for husbands: Your prayer requests are welcome here. However, they will be heavily moderated in order to not overwhelm wives in volume or content. Even if your prayer request is not approved or if it is edited, know that I will be praying about your request anyway. (See my Guidelines page for more information.)

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Pray for the wounds in your husband's heart to heal.

I often encourage you to think about how your actions affect your husband. It is important, though, to remember that our men can come to us with scars that pre-date us. Read More →


Tomorrow I’ll be spending six solid hours in the car as I drive to get my daughter from school. (Why did she have to choose a university so far away from home?)

I plan to use the drive time to pray for marriages. (Don’t worry. I’ll pay attention to my driving, too. Fortunately, it’s almost entirely interstate.)

If you have prayer requests for your marriage or for a specific thing you are working on in yourself as you heal your marriage, please let me know. Post in the comments so others can pray for you as well. Or, if you have a private prayer need, you can email me at

How can I pray for you in your marriage?

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My trip is over and I am safely home with my daughter. I’ve closed the comments on this post, but you are always welcome to email me with prayer requests. I had a good trip with God, praying for those who commented and emailed. My God bless your marriages.


I felt like a caged animal, trapped by my feelings and cornered by my husband’s words.

My feelings were my shackles. As a child, my sensitive nature was not welcomed. My parents encouraged common sense over emotion, and I never learned how to process the feelings that were interwoven into the fabric of my life. Read More →


Some wives have plenty of reasons for not trying to improve sexual intimacy in their marriages. Sex is less pure and godly than other non-flesh aspects of marriage. Husbands should love us for our hearts, not for our parts. Sex is just too much of an idol. We’re tired. We have other things to do. Sex is supposed to diminish as we get older.

Plus, it isn’t like sex is going to fix anything, right? Sex doesn’t really make any difference, does it? Read More →


A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my husband wanted to fast for me and our marriage one day a month.

Yesterday was his first day. He registered to do this through a website, and the guidelines were that he could have only water and plain bread for 24 hours. In preparation, he bought some flat bread. Neither of us really knew what to expect, as he’d never done this before. All he knew was that when he felt hungry or when he came to a time when he normally would be eating, he should pray.

We talked in bed last night about how the fast had gone. He said that he was really busy throughout his work day so didn’t even have a break to eat when he normally would—so the normal opportunities of thinking and praying that would be triggered by hunger didn’t arise. When he did sit down for a later-than-usual lunchtime, he found that eating the flat bread required breaking the bread into one bite at a time with his hands. That experience evoked thoughts of communion and Christ’s sacrifice for him, so although it wasn’t a pure no-food fast, it was pretty powerful for him.

I found that I was thinking of our marriage and praying for him throughout the day. It was constantly on my mind that he was doing this. At one point during the day, I suddenly felt my heart overflow with love for him. I intentionally made a dinner that I knew he wouldn’t like (boxed macaroni and cheese and turkey hot dogs) so he would feel less deprived.

As my husband reflected on his day, he said that the prayers were a struggle at first. The website where he’d registered had testimonials from men who had experienced porn addiction, infidelity, and other huge problems. Our marriage is in a good place, so he felt a bit lost at first regarding what to pray about. As he progressed through the day, though, he found that he was thinking more and more about all the huge changes I had been making for him and for our marriage. He began to pray for his heart to open more to me and to what my needs and desires are. As we was explaining this and giving some examples of the kinds of changes he wanted to make for me, I felt so loved and cherished. And we made love, in a very tender and intimate way that is not nearly as much about the happy ending as it is about the connection and reaffirmation of our marriage.

I am blessed.

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