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In honor of our anniversary, every day this week I will post about something I’m thankful for in my husband–something I love or respect.

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I love to cook–but only when the kitchen counters are completely spotless, and I really detest having to figure out what to have every single night. So my husband does the majority of the cooking for our family.

He plans ahead and prepares things in the crockpot in the morning, or he marinates something to work with later. Tonight, I had to run some errands on the way home from work. I walked in the door, and he was pulling something out of the oven for us to enjoy. For dessert, there’s a little peach cobbler left over from last night’s kitchen adventure.

I love the fact that he recognized how stressed I used to get over doing the meal planning and that he simply started doing it, never making an issue out of it. I am very grateful that every night, he provides our nourishment without complaint. He has set an example for our sons, who also enjoy cooking and will be able to fend for themselves in their own kitchens someday.

And yes, I do the dishes and say “thank you” every single night.

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  1. I am a husband who also prepares the majority (85%) of our family meals. Food and sex have a lot in common, they can both be “sins” of the flesh. They can both be a chore and a burden at times and they can also be a great joy. Preparing a meal for your spouse is just another way of pleasing them physically, another way of creating a bond.

    I always appreciate when people recognize my efforts with a simple thank you. It’s ever better when they do the dishes. I also thank my wife after we make love. I want to show my appreciation for her love and affection.

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