Time to Pray


The picture is one I took today while my daughter was driving us to the city where she attends college six hours away.

Tomorrow morning, I will be dropping her off at her residence hall and will then head home. It’s a long drive (did I mention that it’s six hours?), and I’ve planned to spend it with God. Driving has proven to be good God time for me in my life.

Specifically, I plan to do some serious praying for marriages. If you have a specific prayer need in your marriage, I invite you to let me know so I can spend some of my driving time in prayer for you. If you post in the comments, others will pray for you as well. If you would rather keep it private, feel free to email me at forgivenwife@gmail.com.

My windshield will be a little dirty (it’s a way of life for winter driving in the upper Midwest), but my heart will be focused and clear.

How can I pray for your marriage?

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7 Comments on “Time to Pray”

  1. Thank you for praying. My prayer is that my husband will surrender his heart to the Lord, and that the Lord would soften his heart. Many blessings and safe travel!

  2. Chris-
    Please pray for husbands (like me) who enjoy following your story here and need patience and grace as we are wishing/praying/hoping for their wives who have not yet taken steps to break out of old ways like you have. Your words give me hope that change is possible. Someday I hope my wife will be able to shed her sexual barriers with me and we can enjoy what you describe here. Until then…sigh…pray!!

    1. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only husband like you. I missed the prau request but am lifted knowing that I an not alone,

  3. Chris, thanks so much for your offer. Please pray that Paul and I will continue to build margin into our lives so that busyness doesn’t cause us to drift. Working for 2 non-profits as contract labor means no set work hours, just get it done. We have to be wise and balanced about our time use. January is my busy month with year end bookkeeping and paperwork.

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