Nike knows what they’re talking about. Just do it.

Yesterday, I encouraged you to choose just one step to take toward sexual healing. I suggested that you pray for 24 hours about what it would take for you to take that step.

Today, just do it.

When you’ve had habits for a lot of years, it can take courage to try something different even once. Ask yourself, “What is the worst possible thing that might happen if I do this?” It might put things in perspective.

For many years, I wouldn’t let my husband watch me undress. After all, I wouldn’t want him to get any ideas about sex, right? So I would quick pull a shirt off and throw a night shirt on while he was in the bathroom.  I would change in the bathroom. A couple times I even slept with a bra on so he wouldn’t see my naked breasts while I was changing.

One of the many things I needed to work on changing was letting my husband see me naked more. I remember one night while he was in the bathroom. Out of habit, I reached to make sure my sleep shirt was close by before I undressed. I had to remind myself that I was trying to let my husband see me naked more. I had to take deep breaths. I had to remind myself that the worst thing that might happen is that he would want sex. I had to remind myself that this wouldn’t be the end of the world. I had to steel myself to get naked in front of my husband. I was shaking.

It sounds so sad to me now, to think of how very hard it was to let my husband see my breasts. But it was hard, and I did it. I took my shirt off and made myself wait until he got back into the bedroom. I faced away from him, but knew he could see me in the mirror. I removed my bra. And then I decided I might as well give him a real treat. I took a deep breath and turned around, letting me see my droopy stretch-marked breasts in all their natural glory.

He looked like a kid in a candy shop. This used to bug me, because I would feel like he was viewing me only sexually. This time, I reminded myself that it was good that I am the one he desires. I am the only one he looks at with that particular expression on his face. I smiled to myself in amazement that my middle-aged breasts could still do that to him.

When you are trying to change a habit, it helps to be intentional about what you are doing. Choose your action. Think about what is required. Pray about it. Be brave.

Today, do it.

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11 Thoughts on “Today, do it.

  1. Moving. Thank you for sharing in such vulnerability. That is tough to do! Encouraging! Blessings to you!

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