When Many Women Struggle

To all the women I know, whether your heart is full, aching, or a little of both today, I celebrate your heart today and honor you.

It is Mother’s Day in the US, and many women are hurting today. I have good friends whose hearts ache  because they once again face the probability that they will never hold children in their arms, mourn the death of a child they once held, watch a child fade away, face difficulty in parenting, have lost a child to the wildness of sin and temptation,  have lost their own mothers, have to work today instead of enjoying the celebrations portrayed on advertising and in the zillion articles on their Facebook news feed.

I shared this on my personal Facebook page this morning:

A woman’s heart gives, nurtures, listens, yearns, aches, mourns, rejoices, feels, and loves. To all the women I know, whether your heart is full, aching, or a little of both today, I celebrate your heart today and honor you. Your heart makes a difference in this world.

My own day has been mostly sweet, infused with a bit of bitter. I have three kids who love me and want to honor me on this day, and for that I am very thankful. I have a husband who appreciates that I have been mother to my children. I got a bouquet of lilacs, a card that brought me to tears, and a wonderful breakfast cooked (and cleaned up) by my family.

Yet my nest is emptying, and that is not an easy thing on Mother’s Day. My daughter is far away at school preparing for final exams. My oldest son has moved into his own apartment and is preparing for his own finals. Phone calls aren’t quite the same as hugs and smiles.

My husband and the son who still lives with us moved my beautiful desk into the room that was going to be occupied by my other son. I am thrilled to have an office space of my own, yet being in here is a reminder of the son who no longer lives with us.

Even amid the bittersweet, though, I am grateful for what I have as I watch so many around me weep.

I would like to share some posts that address the sadness that abides amid the joy in our lives.

Whether your heart is full or aching today (or just a bit of both), reach out to a Christian sister today with open arms and prayer.

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3 Comments on “When Many Women Struggle”

  1. Couple of more years and my oldest will be gone. But I know it won’t be the same as if I were his mother. You had that extra 10 months to literally grow closer to the children than us husbands. You are, in fact, losing a part of your body.

    Peace and joy to you, Chris.

  2. I heartily agree. My meaning was more about “flavor”. In some ways I just feel the mothers will always be closer to their children than husbands.
    The old saying “a man can raise any child as his own; a woman wonders why she has to.” (I’m translating from memory). With my bride raising two of mine and one of ours, regardless of what she might say, there is a noticeable difference (even to others), but usually only when there is trouble.
    Is there anything we husbands can do (or you wish we had done) to make this transition easier?

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