A Loveliness of Links


Lovely links to help you grow your marriage!

We have different names for animals when they are gathered together.

A pride of lions. An exaltation of larks. A flock of goats. A parliament of owls. A leap of leopards. An ostentation of peacocks. An intrusion of cockroaches. A stand of flamingos. A murder of crows.

A group of ladybugs has a lovely name: a loveliness.

A loveliness of ladybugs.

Fun fact: gardeners love to see a loveliness of ladybugs because ladybugs eat garden pests.

Even one ladybug is lovely, as it can eat quite a few pests. A loveliness of ladybugs,  though, will eat pests throughout all the garden instead of just at one spot at a time.


We can do a multitude of things to grow in our marriages. We pray. We read books. We read blogs. We try to grow, and we learn from how things went. We reflect. We recalibrate our next steps. We connect with other women who will come alongside us in our struggles, to cry with us in our frustration and to celebrate with us when we do well.

Doing one thing is lovely. Progress is progress, after all—no matter how small or slow the steps are. Even lovelier, though, is when we do more than one thing. Instead of making progress in just one area, it helps us work on multiple areas of our marriage at once.

Just like a loveliness of ladybugs can clear a garden of pests better than a lone ladybug can do, a loveliness of approaches in marriage growth can  nurture strong and bright marriages better than a single approach can do.

I love that you are reading here at The Forgiven Wife. I hope you find something here that helps you grow in your marriage.

Please don’t let reading here be the only thing you do. And don’t let this be the only place you read. A Christian wife who wants to work on her marriage has so many great blogs to help her on her way.

Each month I am going to share links to blog posts by other Christian wives to encourage you in your pursuit of lovely intimacy in your marriage.

A loveliness of ladybugs all working can help cultivate a healthy garden.

A loveliness of blog posts can help you cultivate a healthy—and intimate—marriage.

A loveliness of blog posts can help you cultivate a healthy—and intimate—marriage. Click To Tweet

A Loveliness of September Links:

If you find lovely October posts that you would like me to share, send them along so I can consider adding them to the next loveliness of links.

Lovely links to help you grow your marriage!

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6 Comments on “A Loveliness of Links”

    1. Lack of follow-through was definitely a problem in my marriage for many years, so I was happy to be able to include your post on this list. If it’s something I struggled with, I figure someone else might need help, too!

  1. “A loveliness of ladybugs!” How wonderful – I have never heard that before! Thanks so much for including my posts in this great list.

  2. I had no idea about the lady bugs. 😀 Thanks for sharing my post.

    I totally agree about the approach you take in marriage. We do have to come at it with a spirit of loveliness.

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