10 Things You Can Do to Feel Sexy This Weekend


You can help yourself feel sexy!

One thing that can help you look forward to sex is to do things that help you feel sexy.

Do you know what helps you feel sexy? Do you know how to remind yourself throughout the day that your sexuality is part of God’s design for you?

Here are ten things you can do to feel sexy this weekend.

  1. Wear pretty underthings.
  2. Spend one minute (or more!) several times a day daydreaming about a recent lovemaking session with your husband.
  3. Wear dangly earrings.
  4. Decorate your body with some temporary tattoos.
  5. Wear a button-up blouse instead of a pullover top. If you’re home, show a little cleavage—even if you’re the only one who will see it.
  6. If you’re “t-shirts are pajamas” girl, try something a little sexier. If you already wear sexy nighties to bed, try a little bit of nothing instead.
  7. Write a sexy phrase on an index card. Even if you don’t think you could actually say it to your husband, it can feel delicious to write it out. If you must, shred or burn it. Even better, hand it to your husband when he comes home.
  8. Do some vajazzling or otherwise redecorate your nether regions. Having a different hair style can make you much more aware of the area than you normally are.
  9. Paint your toenails a funky and fun color.
  10. Dance around your house while you’re doing your chores. Moving your body gets your blood flowing and helps you be more aware of your body in general.

What do you do to help yourself feel sexy?

You can help yourself feel sexy!

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5 Comments on “10 Things You Can Do to Feel Sexy This Weekend”

  1. Love this list. 🙂 I like the temporary tattoo idea. That’s a lot of fun. I’ll have to check out the redecorating your nether regions. Lol…sounds really interesting.

    I like wearing clothes that I don’t usually wear out. I also love plugging in all the christmas lights in my house and burning nice candles.

  2. My husband and I each have our own closest door so I take a red permanent marker and write steamy love notes, encouragement, affirmation and even scripture on the back of his. He sees it every morning and will sometimes reference one of our “inside jokes” during the day. Thinking I might add a sexy picture to it…;)

    One thing I like to do to feel beautiful is watch a YouTube hair/makeup tutorial and give it a try. Always fun to freshen up and try something a little new.

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