Comfort During Grief

There is something so life-affirming about making love. I don’t just mean in a procreative “let’s make a baby” kind of way, either. The experience of sharing our bodies with each other is connecting and unitive. When we are making love, I am more aware than at any other time that I am connected to something greater than myself. I am part of this mystery we call marriage. I am part of God’s plan for His people.

My husband’s grandmother passed away late last year. After we got the call, we fell into bed in each other’s arms. During this sad time, we were able to reaffirm our connection with each other and feel great comfort.

I think about how much lonelier our grieving would have been had we not had the comfort of each other. Our grief was shared in a way that had not happened before.

My prayer for all experiencing loss is that they have someone with whom to share their grief, find comfort, and affirm their life together.

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