A Loveliness of Links ~ January 2018

Encouraging blog posts, just for you!

It’s time for a Loveliness of Links from January! These blog posts are written by women to encourage you, convict you, uplift you, and acknowledge your situation as you pursue a good marriage, healthy and holy sexual intimacy, and healing and wholeness in God.

  1. 3 Sex Tips Some Experienced Wives Don’t Even Know, Intimacy in Marriage
  2. 3 Tips on Making Sex Better in Your Marriage in 2018, Intimacy in Marriage
  3. 5 Rules of Texting that Will Change Your Marriage, Glowing Still
  4. 5 Signs Your Husband May Be in a Sexual Desert, Intimacy in Marriage
  5. 5 Things You Should Know about Oral Sex, Hot, Holy & Humorous
  6. 8 Ways Sugar Sours Your Sexual Interest, Bonny’s OysterBed7
  7. The Beauty of Our Vulva, Awaken-Love
  8. Beyond Purity – Living with Sexual Integrity, Awaken-Love
  9. Could a Sex Toy Help Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage? Intimacy in Marriage
  10. Dare #2 of The Respect Dare … How childhood may be messing with our marriage, Respect Dare
  11. The Desire Husbands Don’t Like to Discuss, Shaunti Feldhahn
  12. Does Your Husband Want You to Be More Sexually Assertive? Intimacy in Marriage
  13. Giving Grace When it’s Hard and Goes Unnoticed, Messy Marriage
  14. How Sexual Abuse Survivors Can Develop Sexual Confidence, To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
  15. How to Stop Fantasizing When You’re Making Love, To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
  16. Overlook Ahead, The Romantic Vineyard
  17. Play within the Fence, The Generous Wife
  18. Reader Question: Why Are We Feeling Distant AFTER Dealing with our Problems? To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
  19. Resolutions, Fresh Starts, Whatever…To Improve Sexual Interest, Bonny’s OysterBed7
  20. Self Love versus Self-Care, Glowing Still
  21. Sliding Down – Nurturing Your Husband With Oral Sex, Awaken-Love
  22. Struggling in the Bedroom? The Generous Wife
  23. Tips for Hotter Sex and How to Get Into Difficult Sex Positions, I Am the Sex Talk Lady
  24. Want Better Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage? Get a Better Handle on Your Finances. Intimacy in Marriage
  25. What Do You Believe About Your Marriage? The Generous Wife
  26. What Do You Need to Let Go to Have a Better Sex Life? Hot, Holy & Humorous
  27. What Your Husband Really Needs, Marriage365
  28. When Your Husband Wants Sex…Again, Shaunti Feldhahn

Encouraging blog posts, just for you!

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