Laugh It Up, Baby


In honor of our anniversary, every day this week I am posting about something I’m thankful for in my husband–something I love or respect.

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Today is our anniversary. On this day in 1991, in a ceremony that lasted 18 1/2 minutes (his uncle had a stopwatch), we promised ourselves to each other in front of God, family, and friends. On that day, my sister (an early teen at the time) asked me what I loved most about him.

The answer then and now has never changed: he made me laugh.

My husband loves to laugh; he has a big laugh. Before I met him, sure, I laughed. But I’d never laughed as much with anyone else as I did with him. It was when he stopped laughing that I knew something was truly wrong in our marriage. And when he began laughing again, I knew we were right back on track.

So today we celebrate our anniversary. (I’m writing this post ahead of time, because I expect to be in the middle of exuberant hotel sex at the time this is posted.) And tonight, he and I will go to see one of his favorite comedians, where we will laugh together as we celebrate our anniversary. (And then we’ll go back to the hotel for more sex.)

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