Reflections on an Anniversary Weekend


We have returned from our anniversary getaway and are now immersed again in the land of laundry and unexpected car repairs.

It felt like the honeymoon we never managed to have. It wasn’t perfect in the way either of us had expected, but our efforts to improve communication and intimacy prepared us to deal with the occasional blip.

We’ve lived in a collar county of a large city for twelve years but had never managed to go explore the city. We had things to do if we wanted, but we decided to save some things for a day trip that we know we can easily take. It was the first beautiful spring weekend in our part of the Midwest, which gave us a beautiful backdrop to our weekend. We stayed right downtown, strolled along the river hand-in-hand, ate a lot, laughed a lot, and made love in a lot of beautiful ways.

Our kids seemed to take care of themselves and each other pretty well. They missed us about as much as we missed them, and they did a good job of taking care of things around home.

As we return to our regular routine, our time together will help us rise above some of the mundane details of life as we continue to walk around with very happy memories and grins over the next few days.

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