Nurturing Your Marriage in a Season of Financial Difficulty

How can you nurture your marriage when you're dealing with stress from your finances?

For so long, I figured I would work on my issues with sex someday—when the kids were grown, when I had less stress at work, when we weren’t arguing so much, or when our lives weren’t so busy.

Year after year, though someday didn’t come.

And then, suddenly and unexpectedly, it did.

After years of watching me wait for a time when life was easy to deal with sex, God jumpstarted my healing efforts in the midst of the most stressful season of our marriage. My husband had been out of work for a year and a half, and the stress of dealing with our financial situation was constant.

It was the absolute last time I would have chosen to start working on anything in our marriage—yet it was a time God used to turn my heart toward my husband.

It was during the most stressful season of life that our marriage began to thrive. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, I know how overwhelming it can be to think about tending to your marriage.

In a guest post in the Fall 2015 31 Days to a Better Marriage Series, I share what I learned about growing your marriage when money is tight.

You can read it here: Nurturing Your Marriage in a Season of Financial Difficulty.


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3 Comments on “Nurturing Your Marriage in a Season of Financial Difficulty”

  1. Our marriage has been difficult since two year. My husband had a burnout and wasn, t sure he wanted to stay with me any longer. We had some counseling and therapy, but still its in heavy conditions. Now he, s about to lose his job because the stress is to much for him. I, m afraid about the future…will we stand? My husband experienced sexual abuse when he was a kid for a four years. Thats making things only more complex. We do need all the help we can get!

  2. Learning from your experiences. Each and every post seems to be exactly what I need to challenge myself with. I’m just beginning our journey and would welcome a kickoff with a 31 day Challenge…

  3. We went through a job loss 6 years ago and it added insult to injury for us financially. While the season was very stressful for us we made sure to put everything aside and do nothing but focus on us as a couple even if it was sit and have a cup of coffee or watch a movie or tv show that we liked. During that time we made sure to not talk about our financial issues, etc.

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