Rest in God

Seek God’s presence and just rest there for a bit.

It’s Friday, and I’ve been trying to write today’s blog post for two days. I’ve written pretty good drafts of several posts—but they are all rather involved and lengthy. .

Instead, I’d like to say something fairly simple today, because it is what has been on my mind as I’ve been puttering around with the other writing.

Rest in God.

Perhaps this is just a reminder for myself. I have several goals in my life (some personal and some related to the blog) that seem so far ahead of where I am right now. I’ve had moments of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, unproductive, worn out, and just plain tired.

When I began to address sex in our marriage, I had all those same feelings. I thought I would never figure out the sexual stuff. It seemed an impossible mountain to climb.

During those moments when I felt especially overwhelmed by what I was trying to do, I would take a deep breath and just rest in God’s presence. In God’s presence, I am reminded that He is with me, always. I am reminded that His love does not depend on my success at anything.  In God’s presence, I can simply rest and restore my soul.

Today I’d like to encourage you to rest in God.

Wherever you are in your own marriage journey or life in general, seek God’s presence and just rest there for a bit. Let Him refresh and restore you.

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Psalm 62:5

Seek God’s presence and just rest there for a bit.

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One Comment on “Rest in God”

  1. Both my wife & I have had stressful days recently, from outside sources. Great reminder to remember where to find rest.

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