Romance His Socks Off!


If romance equals sex for your husband (like it does for most men), plan to romance his socks off!

For a lot of guys, romance equals sex.  For this Valentine’s Day, show your husband that you love him sexually and do something you know he will enjoy.

If your husband has experienced a lot of sexless holidays, this is a great way to show him that you are truly working on the sexual intimacy in your marriage.


Many men say that they want to be desired by their wives—so this time, you be the one to initiate sex!

  • Be direct, not subtle. Letting your head rest on his shoulder a bit longer than usual or caressing his hand might be obvious to you, but they don’t shout “sex, now!” to your husband. Use words (“let’s go have naked play time”), flash him, or touch him between the legs.
  • Do it early in the day. If he is wondering if he’ll be able to make love with you that night, approaching him early in the day will head off his anxiety and will make his Valentine’s Day so much better—and you’ll get a content man and a whole day of afterglow.

Be Brave

Step outside your comfort zone just a bit.

  • Be the one to turn the lights on.
  • Surprise him with lingerie under your clothes.
  • Decorate your body with temporary tattoos, body paint or glitter, or markers.
  • Offer a sex position or act that your husband enjoys, even if you prefer something else. Don’t wait for him to ask. Instead, get into position or start it up. Even if you do it only for a few minutes, your offer will mean a lot to him.


Throughout the day, let him know that you’re thinking about having sex with him. Teasing can ramp up the sexual tension for both of you. Just make sure you follow through by the end of the day!

  • Flash him.
  • Wear special underwear (or none at all)—and be sure to tell him about it.
  • Take a picture of your special undies laid out in the bed (or on you) and send it to him. (You can use an app like Couple or Avocado for password-protected privacy.)
  • If you plan to offer oral sex, then eat suggestively in front of him when no one else is looking.
  • Leave sexy notes where only he will see him.
  • If you’ve decorated your body, tell him (or show him).
  • Write him a sexy note. Tell him—specifically, using whatever words count as sexy for you—exactly what you’re planning to do or what you want him to do to you.

Valentine’s Day is about romance for both of you. So if romance equals sex for your husband (like it does for most men), plan to romance his socks off!

If romance equals sex for your husband (like it does for most men), plan to romance his socks off!

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog through your post on The XY Code. I followed the link to your ‘lingerie’ article and want to share another way to use your lingerie: I randomly slip a g-string into a pair of my husband’s pants pockets, or his suit jacket pocket, for him to find. As I say, “I don’t want you to forget me!”

  2. Read this post yesterday and rolled my eyes thinking “like it´s going to happen…” but actually today it did. We ended up having a very nice time together in the living room. So thanks for all the encouragement we get through your blog!

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